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Gun control laws in the United States of America cannot be allowed to take control of the population. The U. S. Is based upon the very principle that the people can keep and maintain weapons in their life. The minute that the government begins to control their population is the minute that the government has too much power over their people. Taking the right to bear arms away and making weapons or cheap ammo less available will be the first step in tyranny.

Some states allow more or less than others. States like Texas have a pretty relaxed attitude about what you can and can’t own. They allow individuals to own weapons that would normally be considered only for warfare. Large caliber weapons and automatic weapons can be owned. There are laws in other states that outlaw the same firearms.

If gun control is enacted in the United States, it will be the first step toward allowing the government the ability to control the people, rather than the people controlling the government. Overturning the Constitution is something that should be avoided at all costs. Allowing the power of the government to outshine that of the citizen is a process that takes time and effort. It takes many steps and small defeats to the people.

Having access not only to weapons and ammo, but also to accessories that add firepower to weapons makes it easier for mass murderers to claim victims. If a shooter has a magazine that adds 30 rounds to the gun’s capacity, it means that they have 30 shots that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. Things like extended magazines allow for rampages that would be more difficult if access was more difficult.

What both sides are concerned with is the sale and availability of weapons and ammunition. You can control weapons by making them or the necessary rounds prohibitively expensive. If an area makes it nearly impossible to shoot, the consequences will be considered on a financial level before much else. The weapon can be cheap but if rounds are hundreds of dollars per shot then each shot is an investment.

If having a gun is a crime, the only people who will have them are criminals. Outlawing guns will not stop people from owning them, it will only make it easier for criminals to have the upper hand. Millions of Americans responsibly own firearms and enjoy the security of having them. Those people know that if someone breaks into their home with a knife, the situation is weighed in their favor.

If more people were allowed to conceal and carry a weapon, there would be a smaller body count in the case of a mass shooting, as in a school or festival. With more armed people around, there would be a quicker response to violence. If teachers or security were to have weapons, events and gatherings would be safer.

Americans are lucky enough to have a political process that is, theoretically, influenced by the people who are citizens there. There are strong opinions but the influence has allowed for weapons to be available. As long as the Second Amendment stands, people will be allowed to own firearms, legally, all over the United States of America. Whether you agree or disagree, the issue still stands and is actively debated all over the country. Being involved is a way for everyone to voice their opinion.

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