Choosing Landyachtz Longboards For Top Quality

Skateboarding began back in the 1950’s as a substitute for surfing when the waves were not in good form. Surfers attached roller skate wheels to planks and took to riding the concrete as if it were the rolling ocean beneath them. Landyachtz longboards are available in a variety of sizes and types to accommodate all different styles of board cruising.

Since 1997, they have been manufacturing quality products and have one of the widest and most diverse selections of boards on the market. Skateboards and longboards are made of the same base components, but the modifications to each piece is what makes all the difference when it comes to performing in each style. Changing the size, weight, material and shape can have a major effect on speed, vibration and maneuverability.

The details are what makes all the difference in obtaining the best results for each type of ride. For those who choose to use their board as a mode of transportation, shorter cuts are more effective because they are easy to carry and navigate. Longer boards are preferred for casual distance rides that do not require a lot of quick turns or difficult maneuvering.

Just as each rider is different, so is each board and it is the individual modifications that bring the two into perfect harmony. Choosing the right size deck is how one gets finds their sweet spot for balance, turning power and spin. The positioning of the trucks and the hardness and diameter of the wheels will affect the smoothness of the ride.

Using a longboard as a main means of transportation is becoming ever more popular with those who enjoy exercising while taking an active interest in saving the environment. Being among the shortest boards at between 40-50″, they usually feature decks with a lot of flexibility and looser trucks which are better for turning and control. The nose is cut narrow and a kick-tail is added to aid in quick changes in direction and tight corners.

Downhill riding, or bombing, is not only one of the most exciting forms of boarding but also one of the most difficult. This style uses a mid-size board of between 60-80″ long with a rigid, short deck and widely positioned trucks that allow it to reach speeds up about 50 MPH. Although quite the adrenaline rush, this method can be very dangerous and should not be attempted by beginners.

Cruising and carving are styles that are a direct reflection on how the sport got it’s start. The boards are the longest available, reaching as long as 110″, and the cut is very similar to the surfboards that they were originally modeled after. With the trucks set at mid tightness, they are perfect for a casual ride over gently rolling landscapes that offer the occasional swell and open stretches.

Slalom, distance and dancing are just a few of the many other types of boarding styles being enjoyed with new ones being introduced all the time. Making the changes in decks, trucks and wheels give inspiration to enthusiasts to keep challenging themselves and getting creative with their rides. Landyachtz longboards can be configured in any combination to accommodate the needs of most any avid skateboarder.

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