Choosing The Right Charger For You

How many gizmos do you have?

Most people today have more than one USB powered gadget, this is a reason why buying a dual usb charger is a practical move. But why purchase a Vority Fast and Smart dual usb charger?

Portability, charging speed, compatibility with device – these are some of the basic qualities of a charger that people want.

Yes, people like things that are portable may it be a pool, a table, a vacuum cleaner, a bed, a computer, etc. With very busy lives, people simply prefer it if they could bring essential things with them wherever they go.

But how many chargers have you encountered that actually meet these criteria? Sure, chargers aren\’t that big and they are mostly portable, but then again it can be a bother to bring along several chargers with you all the time.

Vority presents us with a solution! DUO34AC Fast and Smart usb wall charger is very thoughtfully designed.

You must be wondering how on earth that wild jungle came alive before your very eyes without you noticing it.

* Compatibility. The dual usb wall charger is compatible with Apple products, Samsung Galaxy models, Motorola, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, or any device that can be plugged to a USB2.0/USB3.0 hub.

* Specs.

a. Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz/350mA

b. Output: USB2.0/USB3.0

c. DC 5V Total 3.4Amps/17Watts

As for compatibility, why would you bring one or two chargers with you every day when you could find a dual usb wall charger that can be used with almost all of your USB powered devices?

e. Port 2, labeled as 1.0A Phone: up to 1.0Amps

* Other Features.

a. Fast & Smart.

b. Made with fireproof materials.

c. Led light that confirms if charger is connected and running.

Going out and deciding what charger to bring depending on the gadgets you\’re bringing won\’t be a dilemma anymore!

Vority\’s DUO34AC usb wall charger is small yet very powerful. Whether you\’re a tech savvy or just a regular person in need of a practical charger, will definitely meet your needs. Sure enough you won\’t find yourself stuck with a dead phone and feeling helpless anymore.

Admit it or not, our generation is dependent on technology. Accidentally forget your phone at home for one day and it would seem like you and your phone were a part for a whole year! Sad but true, people today can hardly make it through one day without using a single gizmo.

It seems that our life relies on the life of our gadget\’s battery. If it dies, then the Mayans were right, it\’s the end of the world! We all need to recharge our gadget while still out at some point but not everyone likes bringing a bulky load of chargers. One charger each for your tablet, phone, headset and so on.

Come to think of it, Vority\’s DUO34AC Fast and Smart usb wall charger is actually a blessing. Being compact, versatile and having practical features it can truly save you from a lot of possible charging mishaps.

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