Choosing The Right Fly Fishing Guided Tours Austin

When you need a break, there’s are few things better to clear the mind like going out on the water to fish. And if you’re going to get out, you might as well do it right once in a while and try one of the many fly fishing guided tours Austin that are around. Whether you’re brand new to the sport or been casting for decades, you won’t regret trying a guided trip.

A guide really makes a difference when you’re out. It makes the whole experience much smoother. They tour company takes care of everything, from tackle to transportation to food and drink. Even if you have your own equipment, the guides will help you set things up just right. And of course there are the flies. Guides have that local knowledge of what the fish are hitting.

For the new angler or if you haven’t fly fished before, fly fishing guided tours Austin will expose you to all the basics of tackle set-up, casting, reading waters and landing fish. There is only so much you can get from watching a video or reading online. You’re knowledge will skyrocket when you go out with a guide.

For those with years of experience there are benefits too. First and foremost, the guides know where the big ones lurk. There is nothing like consistently getting put on big fish. Of course the rest is up to you, but even then, the guide can give you some helpful tips. Successful trips are in the details and even the old pros can learn something from a guide.

There are lots of choice to make when choosing fly fishing guided tours Austin. If you’re a bank fisherman, you might try a float trip. You get exposed to a lot of water in short amount of time and get to see some great wildlife too. Getting exposed to new water, like the Blue or the Devil’s River is also fun. And of course there are the fish. Rainbows, browns, or try your hand at Colorado River bass.

The easiest way to find a guided trip is online. Point your browser to google or bing and search for fly fish trips Austin or something similar. You’ll get plenty of hits. While you’re online check out the guide company’s webpage. This will let you know what water they usually guide on and if they have any specialties. Many offer discount packages.

From there the best thing to do is call them up and talk to the guide or owner. This will give you a good feel for the place and the personality of the company. Every company will feature wonderful photos of smiling clients with giant fish, but you’ve got to get the scoop for yourself. You’ll be spending a lot of time with the guide so it’s important that you like his or her style.

So do yourself a favor and try your luck with one of the fly fishing guided tours Austin. There is nothing like the satisfaction of putting the fly right on a fish and bringing it in. From new angler to experienced old salt, you’ll learn a lot and have a memorable time.

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