Christian Arguments Against Evolution At A Brief

Evolution can be defined as the gradual transformation of living and non-living organisms. It is the process by which plants, animals and other things are believed to develop with time. This process takes several years to be evident if at all. It is attributed to the need for organisms to adapt to the environment which is known to change. The Christian arguments against evolution is based on a number of phenomenal facts.

Christians disagree with the story of development. This can be attributed to the various inconsistence that come with the theory. The stories from the holy bible contradict it and also lack of signs in nature for evolution. Christians are known to believe in a supreme God. This is a supernatural and makes no mistakes in his designs. And in this sense nothing that God designs into the world needs to change.

The recordings in the holy bible are as ancient and truthful beyond any doubt. Yet contrary to the theories of development, all life in record is as it was. All forms of life are as they were described in ancient times. Such knowledge puts a question mark to the theories of evolution. Evolutionists have no answers to date.

Not even in recent decades or centuries has there been any vivid report of development. Its existence remains only in theory and experiment. Despite multitudes of research activities the presence of evolution has no evidence. Even the most similar creatures bare a remarkable element of distinction. And show no sign of transition whatsoever.

Over years, evolutionists have used fossils to push their case forward. This has not been of much help either. This is due to the fact that no fossil so far has been able to genuinely prove their argument. No remains have been found so far that can prove presence of an intermediate organism undergoing change. Basing on this missing piece theory, evolutionists have no grounds for argument. Any attempts made will be pointless.

The argument for development is based on naturalism. The philosophy of naturalism states that all earthly things are caused by nature and its laws. Emphasis is put on nature and its force laws. This theory is skeptic of the existence of supernatural beings. When followed well, this philosophy too leaves a lot to be desired. It does not give comprehensive elucidations to universal existences. This therefore proves both theories inadequate in nature and not fit for use.

Evolutionists also relate similarities in organism genetic composition to existence of a gradual transitioning process. This is only seen as a desperate attempt to fill gaps and missing links in their false theory. The similarity and consistence in genetics only proves Gods intelligent designs. Their arguments only prove the existence of a supernatural one.

In view of the grounds examined so far, Christians have a more sound argument. It is elaborate and coherent with no loose ends. On the other side evolutionists fail to provide proof for their theory both from the past and present. Therefore in conclusion, it is only fitting to justify the Christians. Evolution is only a theory yet to be proven as facts of nature if at all.

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