Christian Funeral Services In Singapore

Christians in Singapore, and those in different parts of the globe, believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ. They also trust that people will be judged for their actions when they were still living at the time of their death. They consider the teachings of the Lord as their guide. It is no wonder that at the time of their death, Christian funeral Singapore services are held according to Christian beliefs.

For a devoted follower of Christ, a Christian funeral is a celebration of the soul of the departed as it journeys to eternal life. That is why unlike other funeral or memorial services, Christian ways are more interactive. They honor the life of the deceased by gathering and through sharing of stories and pictures, as well as by arranging a special program before the internment. Christians also believe that death is not the end of life, rather a new beginning to a better life where the deceased won’t feel any pain or sufferings. The bereaving family finds comfort in trusting that their loved one is now in the comfort of the Lord’s eternal love.

Families can opt to hold the funeral service at a crematorium or at the church where the deceased used to visit to hear mass or attend fellowship programs. Before there was no huge demands for caskets, but people’s desire for more attractive and customized designs encouraged casket service providers to cater to this particular market.

The funeral service begins with hymns and recitals of Bible verses. Then, the minister will deliver the sermon and mention some qualities of the deceased, particularly the aspect that make him or her a good Christian. The family can also choose to share a brief account of the life of the deceased loved one. The service concludes with offering of prayers of thanksgiving and penitence by everyone attending the ceremony. Both Christian and non-Christian attendees can offer their prayers to help the soul of the departed rest in peace and the family accept this sad event in their life with ease.

Families may choose to hold a short fellowship reception where foods and refreshments are served to those who attended the funeral service. Singapore funeral services providers can also include it in the services they offer.

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