Clash of the Online File Backup/Syncing Titans: SugarSync vs. Dropbox

When considering data syncing services there are two key offerings to consider , SugarSync and Dropbox.

Each of these sites provide you with method of quickly syncing computer data across each of your computers and handheld devices.

First install and configure their program on each of your computers and handheld devices.

The software program functions in the background backing up/syncing the crucial files as you work on your computer or device. For one example, you can start enhancing a piece of content at work, on your PC, then complete it at your home on a mac.

As well, it becomes possible to edit data files while you’re offline and have your edits quickly synced the next time you’re on the net. Therefore, it’s possible for you to always be working on the most current version of your documents, regardless of where you happen to be or what computer or device you’re working with.

Both of These Companies offer: File folder backup/sync and recovery, Data file changes synced in real-time, Data file versioning, Sync shared folders, Accessing all of your data from internet browsers, Support XP, Vista, Windows 7, Apple computer OSX Support iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and mobile websites, Send off data files of any size.

We certainly have no reason to warn against utilizing either of these online backup services, but there are some reasons why we would go with SugarSync.

You Can Sync Any Specific Folder

With SugarSync it is possible to sync any folder that you would like, so that you won’t need to alter the way you make use of your pc. Dropbox gives you merely one, meaning you will have to drag other folders into it. And it is indeed a drag.

Additional Free Storage Space

Should you be looking for a cost-free service, then SugarSync provides a lot more storage space when compared to Dropbox. SugarSync supplies you with 5GB, and Dropbox provides you only 2GB.

Mobile- Sweet!

SugarSync offers a plethora of fantastic mobile features and attributes. No online backup service tested deals with the mobile portion of syncing as effectively. From the user software (simplicity of use), to the features, to dependability, SugarSync is the indisputable winner in mobile syncing.

The following are a handful of popular features of SugarSync’s Mobile solution: It becomes possible to Backup/sync whole folders to your mobile device – You will be able to access all of them anywhere, when you’re on the Internet or off. You are able to Share these folders with anybody, using your mobile device. SugarSync, together with their Android app, is able to automatically sync all the snapshots you take with an Android digital camera. Simply snap a photograph and it will be automatically synced to all of your devices.

Tech Support

Dropbox does not include Live Chat or Telephone Support. SugarSync gives you both.

These are few additional items that SugarSync provides you with that Dropbox doesn’t: File Sharing Permissions, Post Your Photographs to Facebook, Online Database Backup, Sync Upload Through Email, Sub-Accounts, Geo-Redundant Computer Data Locations

SugarSync doesn’t work on Linux/Unix.

Set on a Change from Dropbox to SugarSync? It’s very simple. Just sync your Dropbox folder utilizing SugarSync’s software. You’re done!

Do We Have a Winner?

It simply comes down to capabilities as well as the price. With SugarSync, you receive a lot of powerful features, however it is higher in price when compared to Dropbox.

Dropbox provides a easier to use but considerably less potent syncing service at a lower price.

syncing just your computers for just your personal use, then Dropbox is likely to be a good solution for you personally.

If you are using a smartphone or a tablet, wish to share your computer files or photographs with others, or you need to automatically backup those Android camera snapshots whenever you take them, then you definitely should check out SugarSync.

When you just seek a little free storage space, or if this will be your first experience making use of an online backup/sync program, I would suggest getting SugarSync. They supply 5GB of storage space, a variety of features, the online backup and syncing service is really fast and dependable, you can also backup/sync any other folder on your computer.

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