Conservative Candidates Illinois 2014 Hope To Shift Balance Of Power

Illinois is a Democratic party stronghold, with the party fueled in part by having its former U. S. Senator Barack Obama now President of the United States. Both houses of the state legislature have an almost challenge-proof democratic majority. However, conservative candidates Illinois 2014 are hoping to change the balance of power in the fall elections.

The many fiscal and social problems that plaque this northern state have seen little improvement since the Democrats took control. Although the sluggish recovery of the national economy has not helped, the national weakness is also seen by many as a failure of progressive policies. Illinois has the lowest credit rating in the nation, a huge deficit in the fund for civil service pensions, and almost $5 billion in outstanding bills. The jobless rate is above 8%.

This made the primary races of greater than usual interest in March. There were also some flamboyant candidates. Millionaire businessman Bruce Rauner won the Republican primary for Governor, spending a record $6 million dollars on his campaign. A surprisingly vigorous labor union opposition was unable to derail his victory. He hopes to mount a successful challenge to Democratic Governor Pat Quinn.

If he is successful, it will be the first time a Republican has been Governor since 1998. Republicans also aim to change the balance of power in the state legislature. They hope to get past the veto-proof majority that Democrats have enjoyed for years.

At the federal level, all 18 of the House seats are up for grabs in November. 12 of the seats are currently held by Democrats. Conservatives hope to use perceived failures of progressive national policies as fuel for change. Jesse Jackson, Jr., who has been in office since 1995, is one of the main targets because of his high profile and some issues he has had during his last term.

One of the state’s two federal senators, Richard Durbin, is up for re-election. The Senate Majority Whip, ‘Dick’ Durbin has a very liberal voting record. He also, of course, supported the Affordable Care Act both before its passage and during its introduction to the American people, as well as debt ceiling increases and controversial social policies.

Durbin faces a challenge from Illinois state senator and businessman Jim Oberweis, owner of a chain of ice cream shops. Oberweis has been endorsed by Family PAC, a champion of strong family values. He has promised to limit himself to two terms, if elected, making a statement about entrenched politicians who use their offices for personal advancement. Durbin has been in office for 17 years.

This race will be closely watched by political pundits, because a Republican shift would highlight the changing viewpoints of voters over the policies of the current administration. Many hope to see a swing to the right – or at least to the middle – in the fall elections. Conservative candidates will try to get their message across in the intervening months and win support for alternative measures to the many problems which have been plaguing the state and the nation.

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