Corporate Video Production – Determining The Right Video Definition For Corporate Videos

In determining whether to shoot your corporate videos in standard or high definition, you need to consider your target audience.

Do they have the technical requirements to view your corporate videos in HD? How will your audience use your corporate videos? Brian Korson of Video Excellence Productions offers his insights in considering the quality of your corporate videos vis-a-vis the needs and technologies available to your audience.

A video has two definition qualities – the standard definition (SD) and the high definition (HD). When you find yourself leaning towards producing your corporate videos in HD, take note that you will need HD-specific technologies to play HD videos. Even with widescreen televisions, your audience in the general public and the corporate world need to have HD-capable players like the Blu-ray to play HD quality corporate videos.

“If you’re playing off a standard DVD player, you can’t play high-definition,” reveals Brian. Aside from Blu-players, the only other sources of high definition signals come from digital cable from television companies and from digital satellites. Videos from these sources then need to be down converted into a format that is playable via standard DVD players.

Do they have players to play HD videos? Or do they need to down-convert HD video to SD formats? To avoid these questions and complications, you can always consider producing corporate videos in SD format. SD videos have the advantage of being playable on a variety of video players. Before going through with video production, weigh the pros and cons of both HD and SD formats.

Aside from SD videos, Toronto business can also consider corporate video production for the Internet. Video quality is hardly a consideration when it comes to the Internet. “They [videos] are all going to look relatively big you are going to be viewing a very small window on the screen,” says Brian. “It’s not going to fill the full screen.”

Before starting the video production or your corporate video in HD or SD, always remember that knowing the technologies available to your audience is very important. Corporate videos should be about ease of use and accessibility. Your corporate video may have all the advantages of HD quality, but if your audience will have a hard time playing it, then it is not effective.

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