Deadlines And Requirements For Illinois Elections 2014

Elections in Illinois will be held in 2014. There will be many election related activities throughout the year. These events include registration, primary voting, petitioning, statewide measures and general elections. Every event during the Illinois elections 2014 has been assigned its specific date in advance.

Signature filing as the first thing entails forwarding official signatures for everyone willing to vote. This exercise helps store correct signatures for all voters, and, therefore, retrieving their names on election dates becomes easier. This exercise carried on up to December 2, 2014.

The event that followed was registration of voters for nomination of party representatives for various seats. The law in Illinois frees citizens of mandatory registration with political parties, but allows them to declare their allegiance to parties of their choice publicly. To vote in Illinois, individuals need to have resided in that state for over 30 days prior to the voting day. Registration was closed on 18 February 2014.

Primary election was held in March 2014. Pat Quinn sought to represent the Democrats for yet another term, and he narrowly defeated Tio Hardiman to clinch the ticket to participate in the general elections in November. Bruce Rauner defeated other three candidates to take the Republican Party ticket. He garnered 40.1 % of the total votes cast. In the senatorial seat, Richard Dublin, incumbent Democrat, won uncontested. Jim Oberweis beat his rival Doug Truax by close to 13 % of all the votes cast to clinch the Republican nomination. A total of 7,505, 002 voters registered for these elections.

Gubernatorial elections will be held on 4 November this year. Pat Quinn will battle it out with Bruce Rauner in what most people say will be an easy win for the Republican. Quinn is looking forward to a re-election for a second appearance in office. He took over office from Rod Blagojevich after his impeachment in 2009. Throughout his term in office, Quinn has received very little approval, and many say he might lose to Bruce in November.

Rauner, was rumored to be planning to spend $ 50 million on campaign. He has already broken the record set in an Illinois gubernatorial campaign by investing his own $ 6 million into the campaign. He raised a total of $ 14 million before the primary elections. Most polling sources have put Bruce ahead of Quinn in the November elections.

The date for local elections for ballot measure was 18 March 2014, and a bill that sought to prohibit hydraulic fracturing was lost. If it had passed, the commissioner of the county could have had pressure to endorse an ordinance abolishing the contested process of hydraulic fracturing to prevent resultant harmful and environmental hazards. 45 %, translating into 3,825 people turned out for this vote. Close to 60 % of these people voted against the proposal.

Unconditional early voting is accepted in Illinois. Normally, this process begins when 14 days are left for the real election to take place. Absentee voters are also allowed to participate. One is required to formally apply for absentee voting early enough by mail or personal visits.

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