Decorate Your Home With These Easy Children’s Crafts

A fresh new look can be obtained through several arts and crafts which breathes them new life. Going directly to a craft store or decorating store would be ideal and at the same time fun since there are hundreds of holiday-themed decorations. However, it is not practical to buy these decors for your home in every occasion because these decorations are usually quite expensive. You can try letting your kids or grand kids create seasonal decorations for your home and this proved to be a cheaper and perhaps more interesting alternative.

For autumn decorations, you can let your children create a garland for the mantel by drawing and coloring pumpkins. String the pumpkins on some brown or orange ribbon. They could even create papier-mch pumpkins or gourds that would make excellent decorations. This is a great activity that can also help bring the family closer together. Your kids will enjoy the activity while at the same time spend quality time with their parents or relatives.

Halloween is a great and there are many possible art projects in which your kids will enjoy making. In such occasion, children are able to roam around the neighborhood in different costumes and ask for treats. This becomes a great opportunity to let you and your children decorate your home. Increase the spooky factor and ambience by letting you kids create ghosts out of milk jugs by cutting out spooky eyes and mouths using black paper. You can make Halloween Eve bright and colorful by gluing the paper to the jug and place LED lights or LED candles inside the jug.

There are also tons of options to choose from with another fun holiday such as Thanksgiving. For your table runner, you can take a large roll of paper and have children color it with leaves, pumpkins, turkeys and other holiday themed items and use them as it fits. You can also take advantage of the Thanksgiving dinner by making your children create place cards and placemats. This makes your dinner table become more noticeable and you kids can create woven placemats using brown and orange construction paper.

Christmas and Hanukkah are two other fun holidays with plenty of variety in art projects for kids. They can create long garlands out of red and green construction paper or dark blue and light blue construction paper. Christmas placemats can also be made by placing a green tree on red paper and decorating the tree. To make your windows lively, cover pine cones with glue and then sprinkle with glitter and hang these in the window. Popsicle sticks can be glued into the shape of a Star of David and then decorated with blue beads, buttons or sparkles.

For Christmas, Hanukkah or other occasions, you may also want to consider having your children create homemade cards. You can have cards created or just let your children create all of the family cards for you. If they are motivated and inspired, they can have quite a few finished before there is a need to mail them. Don’t forget to include a family photo with your cards. These handmade cards will be very special keepsakes for the recipients.

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