Dept 56 Snowbabies Are Popular With Many Collectors

The Dept 56 Snowbabies series of collectible figurines features adorable babies having fun outside in the snow. They are one of the most popular collectibles produced by Dept 56, a company which began by producing small, collectible houses that could be combined to make a village. Once these houses grew in popularity, the company started introducing other collectibles such as Snowbabies. While some collectors are very specific about what they collect, the babies appear to be popular with collectors of all sorts.

In 1976, Dept 56 was formed with the release of its first collectible series. It was a set of six ceramic buildings that could be combined to create a lighted village. As the popularity of these houses grew, the company expanded into other collectible offerings

In 1986, the first Snowbabies were introduced. They were crafted from porcelain bisque, and their cherub-like faces had delicate hand-painted features. Each of the babies were bundled up in snowsuits, scarves and mittens and were set to play outside. They were typically posed to recreated playful scenarios of having fun in the snow.

The babies became quite popular within a short time. They evoked a sense of wonder that appealed to a diverse audience. The collection has since expanded beyond the original cast of babies and now includes many new characters as well as a variety of themes. In some of the collection the babies interact with adorable animals, while there is also a Christmas collection, and a collection that depicts special interests and hobbies.

Certain collectibles only appeal to collectors of a particular category. Snowbabies are a bit different as they have a much broader appeal. They are purchased by collectors of porcelain figures, children and babies, Christmas and holiday, and other categories. It is this broad appeal that makes them so popular for giving as gifts.

One of the reasons for their continued and growing popularity is that new pieces of the collection are released each year. However, this also means that some pieces are produced in limited quantities and some may eventually be retired from the collection. This year, the company has introduced several new pieces in both the Classic Collection and The Guest Collection.

It is fairly easy to find a local retailer that sells Snowbabies. Many of the gift shops found in shopping malls or shopping centers would carry at least part of the collection. However, some of the more sought after pieces can be difficult to find. This is particularly the case once a piece has been retired. It may be best to make a few phone calls when searching for a special piece. In addition to gift shops, the babies can also be found in online shops, including the manufacturer’s own storefront.

Dept 56 Snowbabies are sought after by collectors of all sorts. Their hand-painted porcelain bisque faces capture a youthful sense of wonder that tends to appeal to all ages. Because they are readily available in most well-known gift shops and online, it is fairly easy to pick up a piece or two for your own collection or to give as a gift to an avid collector or soon to be collector.

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