Different Types Of Hatha Yoga Poses

Body stamina is dully enhanced by hatha yoga poses. These are various body orientations of the Indian origin popularly called asanas. The postures are done amid deep breaths. The deep breathing helps in opening up and strengthening the various body structures.

Topping the list is the downward facing dog pose. The Indians refer to it as Adho mukha svanasans pose. This pose entails one to assume the position of a dog to enhance the lengthening and straightening of the spinal cord.

Standing bow pose forms the postures in the description. One assumes the posture of a bow where the body moves from side to side in repetitive way. The posture strengthens the lower spine.

The standing deep breath or pranayama is the right pose for anyone with chest problems. The pose greatly relieves the pains associated with bronchitis or emphysema. While doing the pose, one is required to stand still, holding the cheeks with both hands and take deep repetitive breaths.

Half moon pose follows suit. One sits down, stretches both legs straight and curls the head towards the knee while the hands touch the toes to assume a replica of the shape of the moon. The hands to feet pose stretch the spine, muscles and tendons of the leg.

The eagle pose opens the close to fourteen skeletal systems of the body. The Pose improves flexibilities of the hips, knees, spine, tendon of the legs and many other skeletal systems. The posture helps in efficient blood circulation in the sexual organs which in turn increase sexual vitality.

Efficient blood circulation is further guaranteed by the balancing stick pose. Indians call it Tuladandasana. It entails stretching the hands and one leg while standing on the other.

Finally is the locust pose yoga style. This is one of the many hatha yoga poses performed while lying on the ground. It involves lying on the ground straight and raising both the legs at about forty degrees to straighten the spinal cord.

Hatha Yoga Poses are performed for a number of different purposes. Asanas or Hatha Yoga poses tips can be located easily on the Web.