Discover Gold Tattoos The Latest Fashion Trend Online Worldwide

Gold tattoos have become very popular in the jewelry, cosmetic, and fashion industries. Each application is designed and created in real gold. They are perfect for weddings and other special occasions. The applications are becoming more popular than traditional jewelry and the henna tattoo. In addition, the body art is priced so that just about anyone can afford them.

This unique practice began in Japan and was a custom typically reserved for those who were native born. Once it was discovered and carried to the Middle East it grew in popularity. This is a product that can be classified as makeup, an accessory, or jewelry. Deciding on body art designs is typically easier than choosing traditional jewelry.

Today, the consumer can find a variety of designs that fit their personality at a cost that they can afford. Thin films of gold are used to create a tattoo that will then be applied to skin. The tattoo lasts for about a week. The costs can vary from less than one hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars.

The cost of the art depends on the size of the tattoo and will coincide with the current price of gold. The idea is to offer something different for special occasions. The concept has become a very popular one with brides. There are a number of salons worldwide that offer this type of adornment at a very affordable price.

These unique fashion appliques are created by melting then laminating the gold and stamping a design. Consumers can use their own designs or they can choose from a variety of art ready to buy. This is an elegant way of replacing intricate jewelry and henna tattoos. Not only a popular alternative for weddings, the body art is commonly used as an accessory for special occasions.

The designs can easily be purchased through online shops. The price can vary from as little as forty dollars for small designs and will increase accordingly as the size of the design increases. The art will last approximately seven days after application. Since the designs are temporary they are perfect alternatives to traditional jewelry. In addition to purchasing online, the designs can be self applied.

The application process is very similar to applying a child’s tattoo. It is first necessary to clean the skin with a damp cotton ball or sponge. When the area is dry, remove the film from the design and with the paper side up, position it on the body. Firmly press down all areas of the design before using a damp cotton ball or sponge to dampen the paper backing. Once you are sure the design been has released peel the paper away and let it dry.

Available in various designs ranging from butterflies, stars, and floral patterns, these gold tattoos have become a cosmetic novelty. They make an elegant accessory for those special events in your life. Additionally, they have grown in popularity for weddings taking the place of traditional jewelry. Because of the affordability and distinctiveness, the tattoos have great potential in the jewelry, fashion, and cosmetic industries.

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