Do Pricey Watches Actually Hold Their Price?

To address the question of whether expensive watches hold their worth over the course of time it’s important to investigate the parts used to form these watches. Expensive watches are created with high quality elements utilized for the interior parts. Because the internal time keeping mechanism is made to last, it makes the value of the product better than less expensive watches made with lesser quality movements.

Almost all of the higher quality mechanisms for keeping time are made with quartz crystals. In the last century the best mechanisms were made as Swiss movements, but today’s technology permits watchmakers from all over the world to make top of the range watches.

The exterior of a watch will also enhance its value. Most designer watches for ladies are made with gold or silver. The really expensive pieces use a higher percentage of silver and gold that makes the watch an investment piece.

These precious metals can rise in value over a period of time if the market rates rise. The metal may be used to create the watchstrap or bracelet for the watch as well as the surrounding. Some designer styles are made using both silver and gold to make a two-tone effect for the piece.

When searching for for quality women watches in UK jewellery stores, the features used to improve the general design can also contribute to its worth. Genuine gemstones like diamonds are frequently used to improve women watches.

Diamonds can be positioned round the top surface of the surrounding or inlaid into the watch face. Natural stone like Mother-of-Pearl can also enhance the look and value of the piece when it is used to create the face of the watch.

Gemstones may also be located along the strap when the band is made in a bracelet style. Because natural stone and gems rise in value over the passage of time they'll add to the total price of the watch. So the answer to the issue of whether pricey watches hold their value is yes.

Patrick Warren writes for Kennett On the web. Kennett design and turn out ladies watches in Great Britain for the more discerning and fashion conscious.