Domain Name Sales and Usage Statistics

Domain name – These 2 words will resonate with a large number of people all over the world. Consider the two individual words to be things which are totally mainstream as they are now commonly connected to the establishment of a host of firms in modern times. You can consider these to be traditional descriptions of domain names and many people do react with keen attention when they hear the term. (By the way, you can visit my site for a good domain name.)

These days, there are scores of studies which have been undertaken that show the prevailing state of the domain name industry. Recently, there came a serious report about domain name sales and domain usage that shows the fact the domain name sales and usage continue to increase.

As we discuss this report on domain name sales and usage, it has long since been mentioned by the Network World ISP News Report Newsletter offered by VeriSign that domain name sales and usage is on the rise in modern times. You can take this as an indication of the recovery of the internet industry as both domain name sales and usage presented a certain clear idea about the definitive growth of the domain name sales and usage in the beginning quarter of 2004.

Connecting to such a recent report about domain name sales and their usage, truth emerges as the VeriSign’s Domain Name Industry Brief presents the notion that the average number of domain name registrations has reached an incredible record breaking high number of 64.5 million and this is only during the second quarter in 2004. Primarily based on reports from a great many different studies, information concerning the overall volume of domain name sales and their relevant usage has increased to 2.4 percent and this took place at the beginning of the first quarter of 2004 and has increased about 7% during the year-end for 2003.

Regarding the subject of domain name sales, there is shown to be quite a number of common statistics that display the way domain name sales and usage increases. Among those statistics is the clear indication that domain name sales and usage is at a much higher level today than it was during the early stages of the internet. Within this context, the report notes that on average, the VeriSign domain name company processes in excess of 14 billion on its own for 2 high level domain names, the .com and the .net search queries on a daily basis. For these two high level domain names, the company had processed over 8 billion in the previous year and about 2 billion in 2000.

Additional support for the accuracy of the statistical data has arisen which displays that 64% of all major domain names along the lines of .net and .com are linked to live websites which is an increase from 61% about a year ago. Equally striking in this report is the notion that domain sales and usage are seeing a significant percentage of parked websites which are given the “parked” moniker because they are not actively being used but are still associated with a working domain name have dropped down from 12% last year to 8% this year alone.

Last, it has been detailed in this report for the sake of domain name sales and usage the rates of renewal of the top level domain names along the lines of .com and .net have bounced back from a low of 45.7% in 2003’s first quarter and rose to a height of 72% in the second quarter of 2004.

Based on these reports by themselves, usage and domain name sales have grown enormously and this growth is probably going to continue well into the future.

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