Easiest Guide To Home T Shirt Printing

The fastest way to get your shirt printing done just for few minutes, is to have it digitized. The only disadvantage for this is that the work is not that personalized compared to the traditional one. It is also expensive. These are the reasons on why people are still fun of doing the silk screen t-shirt printing Omaha method even if it take a lot of time to finish. And someone who is still a beginner must have the preparations first.

You cannot start without the tools. Anything that can be traced for a pattern would do, but the most used for this method is the stencil paper. But if you cannot find one, then bond paper, negative camera film, x ray film and thick cellophane would do. Just make sure that it is hard enough to hold liquid and cannot be torn easily.

In choosing colors you have to choose what you think is better for you for there are a lot of possible colors to be used in this process. Acrylic is the most used type of paint by students and beginners for it dries quickly and is water based. It is available in different colors and shaded. But the fabric paint might be the best for a t shirt.

You can never do the process without the principal tool which is the silk screen. Most amateur are buying silk screens with white mesh for this is the most available in the department stores. There are only less stores who are selling screens with yellow mesh. White mesh reflects light, yellow mesh absorbs light. Wood frame is most used that the one with aluminum.

The applicators is very important. And for this type of printing, you only need to use a squeegee. Squeegee is made of soft rubber blade to press the adhesive into the fabric. There are certain types for this, and two of it is the ergo force which has an aluminum handle and which blade is replaceable and a the one with wooden handle and most of the time with irreplaceable blade.

But to compare the two, it is very advantageous to have an ergo force squeegee for the one that holds its blade is intentionally not on the same level. This is to control the bending of the rubber blade. You will exert more energy on the wooden one for it does not have its own control of the blade upon bending. And unnecessary bending may ruin your work.

Of course when doing your patterns, you have to cut them out so that it could be converted into an imprint. Most people are using paper cutters and scissors for shaping and cutting. But if you have extra money you could buy a stencil cutter which might help you have a better result to those designs which are very curvy.

Masking tape must be used if the design is too small for the screen, this is to avoid unintentional mistake and not to waste paint. You can also purchase paint brushes to do some brush strokes on your shirt. And do not forget to use news paper for spilling.

We really thought that silk screen t-shirt printing Omaha is already out of trend. Just so you know, trend is not all about the process of making, it is the magic on how you make your art more ecstatic. So now, go to the store and start doing your own art pop.

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