Examine the Research and Assets Pertaining to the Sony Ereader 650

The Sony Ereader650 has emerged as a serious competitor in the battle for the title of best reader of ebooks. The device is tremendously easy to operate; it comes equipped with a simple, easy to use touch screen. You can readily choose the last page or the last book that you saved, when you initially start it up. Opening the books and turning their pages are effortlessly carried out. By simply swiping the screen you will have the ability to turn the pages.

The Sony Ereader650 is a more developed edition of the earlier PRS600. After the PRS 600 was launched, there were a number of complaints about a glare on the screen, which was posing major issues with the ability of the customer to read from the screen. The company has definitely taken the complaints of the customers seriously and has now offered a solution with the Sony Ereader650.

The Sony Ereader650 is incredibly easy to make use of; the device is equipped with a touch screen that is user-friendly and very simple to operate. When the Sony Ereader650 first starts up, the user can quickly make the selection of the very last book that was read as well as the page where you were when you stopped reading is automatically saved by the device. The opening of books and the turning of pages can be very quickly carried out on the Sony Ereader650. In order to turn the page, all that you are required to do is just swipe the screen. You also have the option of holding down the screen in order to scan through the pages of a book. The reader provides you with the option of using any one of its six different font sizes.

The Sony Ereader650 is outfitted with audio playback, this allows you to attach your headphones and enjoy the music that will enhance your reading experience. One of the other great features of the device is it capacity to classify your list of books into different genres, such as romance, mystery, comedy or horror; this provides the user with the added benefit of easily finding a book that will suit his or her mood.

The Ereader650 also offers the user the capability of reading ebooks with open-format; for example, EPUB ebooks and ebooks from .txt. This feature is excellent and especially appreciated by the individuals who are supporters of open format reading. The Nook and especially the Amazon Kindle do not allow this feature on their products, in view of the fact that these brands of ebook readers have an interest that is vested in locking the user into only being able to read in their own formats. In so doing, their customers will have to make a purchase from their own corresponding bookstore online. The Sony Ereader650 does not subscribe to this form of draconian way of thinking, in which consumers are forced to adhere to a corporate strategy.

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