Exciting Stay At The Naples Florida City Dock

Knowledge of the dock makes your experience exciting. It also allows you to maximize your stay and reduce the chances of getting stuck during arrival or departure. The vessel will be secure and free of risks in water and at the shores. This is what captains are guaranteed when visiting the Naples Florida City Dock. The facility is ADA-compliant and has lived up to its expectations over its years of existence.

The berth is specially built to accommodate vessels up to 110 feet. This has seen ships on touring, sailing and fishing missions stop over at the shores. The area provides a clean marina with 84 fixed slips that can accommodate different sizes of ships and boats. It also has 12 mooring balls as part of the segmentation of commercial and recreation sections. It is such organization that makes it a perfect destination for ships along the route.

The marina has made the area a must-stop for ships using the route. The other facilities offered include laundry, baits, ice and adequate showers. There is a pump-out station which has diesel as well as bioguard and ethanol free gasoline. These facilities are designed to offer convenience to ships using the channel and visitors coming to the area.

The availability of merchandise shops, ships, coffee shops and restaurants provides the much needed convenience. The stores offer high quality items and merchandise from reputable global brands to the tourists and sailing captains. Their quality guarantees value for money beyond customer expectations.

The location details for City Dock in Naples Florida read marker 35 which is about 3 miles north of the Gordon Pass. The working channels are 16 and 14 which are monitored as such by the Dock master or through his office. The office also provides information about the charter ships to the area. This is crucial for visitors as individuals or groups to the area.

The management has prepared commercial slips of 45, 40, 35 and 30 foot. These slips are on high demand which results in a lengthy waiting list. The charges are 50 dollar for a commercial license and 12 dollars each month for every foot. There are residential slips as well provided by the Dock Master.

It costs thirteen dollars a month to get the recreation wet storage slip. This slip offers more variety since it is available in slips of 30, 35, 40, 42 and 58 foot. Transient mooring balls are available on a first come first serve basis. The twelve balls will cost you ten dollars each for the night.

Boats enjoy more flexibility with transient slips. There is a discount offered to members of Boat US and Sea Tow for the slips a night. While non-members are charged 1.75 dollars per night, members pay 1.5. Water and electricity are provided at not charge as long as you have your slip.

The meteorological department releases regular weather reports for consumption by tourists and vessel owners. The reports give warnings on impending hurricanes or floods to avert potential disaster. There are alerts in case a channel has flooded and is a threat to vessels approaching the area. This will keep you away from trouble spots and secure your vessel. The reports are necessary to observe for all visitors and captains. Areas under maintenance will be clearly indicated.

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