Extend The Shelf Life Your Carpet Steam Cleaner Through Proper Usage

A steam cleaner can be a great way to deep clean your carpets and make them smell fresh. Owning or renting a machine can save you cash compared to hiring a professional to come in and do it for you. The instructions that come with most steam cleaners can be tough to comprehend. The following are some fundamental instructions that apply to most carpet steam cleaner machines and should be used in conjunction with the particular directions that come with your machine.

Remove all furniture from the room, large furniture like couches and entertainment centers may be left within the room, but beware since you’ll not have the ability to completely clean all the carpet inside the room which might lead to discolorations of the carpeting. So it’s best to eliminate all furniture as much as possible.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly, including any edges and corners. Make the most of the attachments that came with your vacuum and make sure to eliminate all the dirt which you possible can using the vacuum. The more dirt you remove by vacuuming the couple of times, you’ll need to change the water in the steam cleaner. Following right after vacuuming, do not forget to pre-treat any stains that might be too stubborn for the steam cleaner alone.

Prepare the steam cleaner by removing the water tank and filling it with hot water and the cleaner that is suggested for your specific machine. Each brand of carpet steam cleaner will have a specific cleaning solution they suggest to be used with their machine. It’s advised that you use that cleaner because utilizing the wrong cleaner can harm some of the parts of the machine. Be sure that the filter is clean, if it’s dirty then just merely run it under hot water to clean it.

Begin within the corner of the room that’s farthest from the exit. In little sections, start working your way through the room. As you push the machine forward, press the trigger on the handle to dispense the steam and get the carpet wet. Slowly pull the machine backwards so it’ll scrub the region that you just steamed. Repeat this procedure throughout the room.

Make sure the carpet is completely dry prior to walking on the carpet or moving the furniture back in. By putting the furniture back prior to the carpet is dry will trap the moisture under the furniture and could damage the carpet as well as the furniture. So in the procedure of attempting to save cash and clean the carpets at the same time, this could end up costing you more than just having an expert do it for you.

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