Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wireless USB Charger

What are these new chargers appearing in the market nowadays? Those devices that have a power transmission pad] that you attach to a charger to make refilling your device\’s battery wireless.

This wireless USB charger is something that will surely set the trend. Universal USB chargers were previously the fastest way to charge up your gadgets, but with QI technology, you can now charge up your device without over-using your device\’s ports.

As of now, only mobile devices can either be manufactured with Qi receivers or equipped with one may be coupled with a usually separately purchased Qi tech charger. This system would have an inductive power transmission pad, a wire for your pad and a charger or wall adapter to connect it to your power outlet.

Using this, you can charge your device without having to plug it (and put its ports through almost daily abuse) as you just have to place your device on the transmission pad.

Now, you find in the market this new charger type that combines the two kinds of charging device into a USB wireless charger type.

How do you use this charger then? The only one of this combined type available as of today is the Qi standard, 4-port USB charger. It is sold under the name Vority and its use is as easy as charging 5 of your devices all at the same time.

So what is so good about this so-called Qi technology other than being a new toy for tech savvy individuals today? Here are a few comparisons on the features that were combined in the USB wireless charger:

Both the wireless USB charger and the wall adapters all fall within the low power rating of 5W maximum. That means all devices that charge within this range can use a charger equipped with Qi technology receivers. Because this is one of the most common power requirements among today\’s tech devices, these two can be used for many of the popular gadgets in use by the masses.

You can place a Qi-enabled device on the charger body to initiate charging via inductive electrical power transmission.

The device should either be manufactured with a Qi technology receiver or is equipped with one that can be purchased for certain types and models of devices.

Amazingly, all five devices can be charged at the same time without compromising the charging time required to fill their batteries. The charger is also equipped with safety features to ensure that parallel charging will not damage your devices.

With this, you wouldn\’t have to keep on charging your devices in different outlets all over the house. You\’ll have them all charged with one USB wireless charger in one place. You wouldn\’t have to worry about that mobile you\’ve placed on its Qi-standard pad either. The charger is made to work at full speed for all five devices without overheating and affecting the device you\’ll place on top of it for inductive power charging.

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