Farmers Stand: What ItIs And What They Are So Great

When you are driving your car, have you noticed a small stand sitting at the side of the road? More often than not, you will find someone selling vegetables and fruits on this stands.

These farmer stands help greatly in small communities. Produce must be picked while it is almost right. It then should be sold or consumed as early as possible to avoid spoilage. For this purpose, farmer stands are set up in order to dispose of the fresh produce immediately. The fruits or vegetables always taste much better here. Produce sold from these farmer stands are known to be chemical-free.

If you happen to live in a small community and you grow your own crops, how do you start your own farmers stand?

The location is the first thing that you want to consider when putting up a farmer stand. Do you want your farmers stand at the local farmers market? If you want to put it up at the local market then you will need to consider a small fee. Consequently, you will also be working with other competition who probably sells the same things as you do. You might consider placing it at the end of the driveway. People driving by can see your stand or the sign pointing to it. In a parking space, people will be able to check out what you have to offer whenever they are parked.

What is the ideal produce to sell? What is commonly bought by people? Among those that travelers love to purchase from farmer stands are fruits such as apples and oranges and vegetables such as tomatoes, corn and cantaloupe. You will be looking at a good opportunity to profit if you decide this selection.

When do you want to run your farm stand? When would be the best day of the week to set up your farm stand? Is night time the best time to establish your farm stand? You’ll probably want to do some testing here. Ask other farm stand owners about the important things that you need to know with regard to that business. You might even go on the Internet and read the information there. There are tons of farm stand owners in the world who are more than willing to share information about this topic.

What would be the price for your goods? Probably the best advice is to keep prices low. For example you can sell a fruit for $0.5 or a “buy one take one” for $1. You can also opt for per box, can or carton depending solely on which fruit or vegetable you want to sell.

It would also be best if you start off with a small quantity of fruits and vegetables and check from there the results. In time, you’ll be able to determine what to add, what to remove or what to include in what you’re selling. That way you’ve not overcommitted yourself, and know that you have enough inventory to meet your customer’s needs.

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