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Visually stimulating, visual arts is one of the famous programs offered by art schools. Visual arts cover vast topics, majority of these are: sculpting, painting, ceramics, designing, crafts, photography, architecture, film-making and drawing. Art schools doesn’t limit to these studies, programs are also offered termed as applied arts. Applied arts cover courses, such as fashion design, interior design, decorative art and industrial design.

The World of Visual Arts

Fine arts, so as applied arts, are all included under Visual Arts. Back in the days, the word “Artist” often was contained to individuals involved in fine arts, this was before the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain was birthed around the beginning of the 20th century. Art schools then made considerable changes which distinctively differentiated fine arts from craftsmanship. Likewise, in other nations such as China, only paintings painted by Scholars are considered to be of high value as compared to mere amateurs. Same attitude applies with Western hierarchy involved in Arts.

Education and Art Training

Visual arts demand vast training through numerous application, apprenticeship and workshops. During the Renaissance Age, Europeans increased edification by starting a movement that led to the discovery of art schools academy which trains artists in tertiary level. Recently, visual arts have found its way into majority of the education systems throughout the world as an elective subject.


Drawing subjects by means of sketching and using artistic delivery of lines on canvas is technically taught and learned in art schools. Tools used in drawing includes: pens, pencils, coal, wax, crayons and the like. Dimensions of lines on canvas, or paper are distinctively pressed as to observe technique to create the best outcome. Technique varies from blending, hatching, stippling and scribbling.


Painting is pigment applied on a canvas that is suspended on a rack or wall. Art Schools teach varied approach in painting. It is a combination of composition, drawing and careful consideration of a concept expressed by the artist on a canvas. It is also used to adhere ideas and motifs.


Photography is about taking pictures and having it processed by using light patterns that is emitted from a subject, and recorded by means of a film or a storage material sensitive to light. Developing the film to see the finished photo may be executed in several ways, through: chemical or mechanical means. Nowadays, amateurs handily use digital devices like cameras.


The process of turning hard materials, like wood or stone, and even soft materials, like clay and wax, into shapes, features to mimic a person, or a thing, is what sculpture is about. The art of sculpting is skilfully absorbed in art schools. Moreover, by using a chisel or a sharply edged material, a sculpture can chip away on the surface of the material used to shape it into the image that is idealized into being.

Art Schools have now taken the main stream as art fanatics emerge endlessly. Making avail of courses that triggers one’s fancy, a student is given the option to deliver to reality his thoughts, feelings and imagination. Visual Arts is most popular in Art Schools. As part of accreditation, art schools impends its method of education into a vamped level, presenting into the table an array of art major subjects, accompanied with general education as to allow an Art School to attain accreditation and thus permitting grants to the school to endow Bachelor Degrees to students. Art symbolized freedom of expression. The capability of an artist to bring forth to life a conceptualized design, defying the rules of society, is what Art Schools are all about.

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