Finding Designer Sunglasses To Suit Your Face

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to update your look, designer sunglasses could be the answer. A good quality pair of shades can revolutionize a wardrobe, adding instant style and sophistication. An important part of choosing the right designer sunglasses is harmonizing them with your face shape. Different styles of glasses suit different facial proportions. Using these tips can help you find a pair of sunglasses that will enhance and complement your features.

1. Circular – Circular faces are rounded with very few sharp angles. Rectangular sunglasses offset this type of face particularly well by adding structure. Wide frames help to elongate the face. Bright frames with a strong bridge will bring positive attention to the eye area.

2. Triangular – A triangular face has a narrow chin and wider forehead. Circular and square frames suit this face shape particularly well. Choosing glasses that are similar to your skin color will flatter the varying proportions of triangular faces.

3. Square – Square faces usually have a well-defined jaw line and a wide forehead. Frames which are soft or curved will help to even out the strong angles of this face. Narrow lenses which are wide across the eye area are very flattering. Narrow ovals-shaped glasses are best at enhancing the features of a square face.

4. Diamond – This is an oval shaped face with high and prominent cheek bones. The most important feature of this face type is the cheek and eye area. Any sunglasses that focus attention around the eyes work particularly well. Bright colors or interesting details are a great way to do this.

5. Rectangular – A typical rectangular face is long and angular. The aim with a long face is to make it appear shorter. Narrow frames will exaggerate the length of the face, so square or circular lenses are the most flattering.

6. Oval – Just like with haircuts, oval faces are the simplest to work with. Almost any shape and style will suit an oval face shape, so experiment to find what works best for you. Frames that are not exaggerated in any particular dimension will help to keep this face shape balanced.

If you’re not sure which shape you are, try tracing around you reflection in a mirror with a washable felt tip pen. There’s no such thing as an ideal face shape but there’s definitely an ideal pair of shades out there for you. Flattering you hair color, outfit, and of course your own unique style are all key factors in choosing the perfect pair of designer sunglasses.

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