Five Ways To Help You Recognize Fake Silver Eagle Coins

Silver Eagle Coins fraud is unfortunately a reality. I’m going to present to you in 5 tips to safe guard you from scams.

Step 1:

Does the coin look proper? Any highly trained or expert coin authenticator usually cannot tell if a coin is bogus or not truly say “It doesn’t look right”. You will have to learn what exactly a real silver coin appears like. Once you learn that, you can usually say that the coin ” doesn’t look right” even if you can’t place your finger on it. Trust your gut instinct and do not purchase that silver coin .

Step 2:

What is the weight of a silver coin? A real coin will weigh more than most bogus coins due to their affordable silvery metal alloy. When you observe a coin weighs more, it could also be a bogus and is probably making use of silver plated lead.

Step 3:

What exactly does the surface of a silver coin appear like? Bogus coins might have a silver plated finish , however, sometimes they don’t. There might possibly be “high quality” fake coins they could look convincing, yet those are extremely rare and most people don’t go to that length to fake a coin. Silver has a distinctive shine to it that’s nor too soft nor harsh or perhaps soapy looking .

Step 4:

How do the silver coin’s edges look like? If the coins edge should be reeded, and isn’t or vice versa, this is a tremendous warning sign, because of the fact mint errors of this type are rare. In addition, if the coin has a seam around the edge or a little bit of a protrusion on the side, this is an indication of casting sprue, or file marks where they seam has been taken out. DO NOT BUY THIS COIN!

Step 5:

Does it pass the coin tap test? Silvers coins have a distinctive ring whenever held on the tip of a finger and tapped with another coin . Only precaution I would consider is to not to ding or damage the silver coin when doing this.

There are lots of reputable sellers these days that get their coins graded correctly; however, there are small sellers that will sell anything that is bogus to get a fast money.

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