For Any More Effective Work Environment You’ll Need Healthier Workers

Earning for a living is the primary purpose of employment for us. We all have different jobs. Some of us work indoors; some of us work out of doors. Most of us work a nine to five. Some work in the day, some work at night. What may people who study these things know for sure is that a healthy person is a better employee.

Is spending on health a cost effective option?

An example is the multinational company Amway, which employs 3900. The company says that for every dollar it spends on fitness for employees, it gets two dollars back in savings. What is the justification for this? One visible result was that the medical claim of the persons who took part in the fitness program went down by 8 percent. Some have lost weight. A lady employee claimed that in 18 months, she reduced 85 pounds. She has more energy than ever and that definitely translates to a quality work atmosphere for both her and the company. Most companies agree that it takes up to three years to realize cost savings from a program that employees undertake. They say it takes time for employees to learn new behaviors.

On the reverse side of things, those employees how do not participate in some sort of program to improve their health up their healthy costs by close to 23 percent.

Another company, Flexco, located in Illinois, has established a program to encourage employees to eat better and exercise. Because the program was so successful, this Grand Rapids company was able to move to a high-deductible health program cutting annual premium costs by $100,000. The bottom line is that this program is very effective. Furthermore, such companies are even willing to spend for the employees

One unique aspect of the program is that employees can earn wellness points. With these points, they can reduce their share of the annual health care costs up to $850. This is an important insensitive in getting employees to buy in to the program. It also helps that the employee is volunteering to get in the program rather than being forced to get in.

This program can be incorporated in the overall strategy of the firm. This would benefit the company in many ways. It would help the company to attain its overall business goals, if its employees are willing to stay healthy and active. Furthermore, it also enhances the working atmosphere of the company.

One employee was unhappy because he had to get a physical until the doctor discovered a serious problem and was able to correct it before it got worse.

These two examples show that it makes a lot of sense to encourage employees to stay healthy, whether you do it through the company or you encourage them to do it on their own. Some companies even offer free membership to their employees in fitness centers and health groups. Healthier employees is an essential part of making a business profitable and successful. This also makes the workplace more congenial.

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