For The Best Active Adult Communities NJ Is The Place To Go

As people grow older their needs and their life styles change. Children start to leave the house and build their own lives, often in different cities or even different countries. Many others lose a spouse and are forced to adapt to a new way of living. Many mature couples find their homes to be too big and they want to simplify their lives. When thinking about moving to active adult communities NJ citizens are simply spoilt for choice.

The development of residential areas that are restricted to people of a certain age is a growing industry. These developments are often age restricted and only people that are fifty five years old and older qualify to live there. Other developments are marketed as age targeted, meaning that all marketing efforts are aimed at older people, but the rules are not cast in stone.

Some people think that age restricted developments are synonymous with retirement villages. This is not the case and there are, in fact, big differences. Retirement villages offer services such as assisted living, frail care, shared meals and a host of other services not found in age restricted residential developments. Residents have to be able to see to all their own needs although there are normally some activities specially organized for residents.

There are other differences between retirement villages and age restricted developments. In the case of the former there are normally strict rules regarding the profile of the residents. In many cases residents of retirement villages are not allowed to have their children or grandchildren live with them full time and access is often strictly controlled. This is not the case with age restricted residential areas.

The large majority of age targeted residential areas are found in or near metropolitan areas. Most of these estates feature a variety of facilities that are for the exclusive use of the residents. They may include swimming pools, golf courses, bowling greens and a variety of other leisure facilities. There are also often safe parks with protected walk ways and a wide variety of clubs and associations.

There are numerous advantages to be had when opting for this type of life style. In most cases, security is strict and some form of access control is in place. Many residents enjoy the fact that they are living among people their own age. They make new friends and they enjoy the relaxed social atmosphere and mutual support from neighbors typical of these villages.

When considering a move to one of these villages it is vital to conduct thorough research. Many developers offer tours and in some cases it is even possible to stay for a day or two. It may be wise to speak to other residents to get a feel for the community. Detailed information about the cost of amenities such as garbage removal and maintenance should also be considered very carefully before making a final decision.

When it comes to active adult communities NJ seems to have set the pace. There are many developments that cater for the specific needs of people fifty five years of age and older. They are ideal for people that do not want to live in retirement villages but that nevertheless desire a relaxed and safe life style.

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