FORD History

This was in 1899, when Henry Ford first joined the automotive production business, creating the Detroit Automobile Corporation. Immediately after 1 year, it was relabeled as Henry Ford Company. After only three years since it had been founded, the corporation did not prosper that led its owner, Henry Ford to depart the corporation in March 1902 together with the legal rights on his name.

This distressing episode pushed him to move along with his wife and kids to his father’s residence. The brand of the corporation was replaced by Cadillac. This was Henry Ford’s next undertaking into the car production industry with the support of two inventors, John and Horace Dodge, who spent $28,000 for the company. Ford selected Henry M. Leland to manage the business operations of Cadillac at the same time he proceeded venturing into automobile assembly.

Ford Motor Co. Was Founded

Henry Ford, together with an associate coal supplier, Alexander Y. Malcomson, financed the setting up of a new automotive manufacturing company. The collaboration was really effective despite the fact that they’d suffered some financial issues. They built a car and began purchasing materials. Within the 1st season it marketed 1,708 vehicles. In February 1903, because of some economic challenges, Malcomsom asked financial aid coming from his uncle John S. Gray who had been the president of the German-American Savings Bank. Malcomson recommended incorporating “Ford and Malcomson” and then asked Gray to take part in the company to entice new investors. Business associates emerged to invest for the company due to the power of Gray’s name. And so in June 16, 1903, the Ford Motor Company was formally organized, along with 12 stock investors owning entirely 1000 shares.

On that existing year, Ford’s first car assembly was the Model A, operated by an under the floor engine sold at the price of $850. During its first few years, the industry successfully marketed 1,708 automobiles. The business persisted to target their intention – to make a legendary car that will bring a good difference and change the world indefinitely. And that is definitely nothing else but the Model T or Tin Lizzie. In 1908, Ford at last presented to the people this impressive model T and it really transformed the world. Henry Ford’s aim to make a much less costly model, one which everybody can purchase, has ultimately turned into a reality. Since then, automobiles turned out to be toys for everyone, not just for the rich. Ford Company continued to succeed and gained numerous achievements including the production of its five-millionth Model T as well as the obtaining of Lincoln Motor Automobile Corporation.

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