Gaming Gear

The gaming world has improved and moved from a geek only community to a wide spread phenomena. Real money is now offered in gaming competition around the world where players fight one another to the determine who is the best in the world.

Gaming equipment is now something that is known around the gaming community just like the runner got is shoes, and the swimmer got is cloths so does the gamer has his special keyboard and mouse.

The tournament makers now make sure to provide a computer for each player for the time of the tournament so when the factor of better computers goes out the window only the accessories are left.

Casual player thinks that mouse and keyboard don’t really matter, but the hard core and professional players know that a good keyboard or mouse can make all the difference from wining the first prize of 7k$ pr the third prize of 500$.

For sometime now the pro gear is currently available for everyone who wishes to buy it but sometimes the price might be too much for those who only play on a more casual basis.

What do you expect your gear to do? Alternatively, what is it for should be the first questions you ask yourself if you’re considering turning pro and improving your gaming gear.

Off course eventually each mouse will work for all the games, but some mouse will not work well in day to day work environment. Some might work extremely well for first-person shooters but will be short when it comes time to play massive muliplayer online role-playing games.

How can you choose then, well start off by understanding what you need the mouse to do, do you plane only playing games with the mouse or do you want one that can also handle some day to day work.

Choosing your first mouse when you choose your new mouse you need to be aware of a few thing’s pro gamer mouse are designed in many cases differently from normal computer mouse because some of them designed for a specific task like snipers only mouse or mmorpg only mouse so it might take you a few days to get used to the mouse itself.

I will suggest that if you only starting out with getting your pro gaming gear you will start with a great mouse but with not too many options, for example, the razer mamba is one of the best gaming mouse in the world and still easy to use while the Naga is like 5 or 7 in world ranking but still demands more time to get used to.

The naga is a mouse designed for mmorpg games and has is the main future, he got 12 extra keys on the mouse itself.

The mamba is a mouse designed with comfort and speed of movement in mind as it designed mainly for fps games.

Keep in mind the if you got an old computer or a bad screen you should first switch them and only, then you should move on to improving other gear.

All in all, the gaming world is one awesome place to be with new designs and better performance, there is always something fresh to check out.

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