Gaming Prepaid Cards Benefits.

Gaming Credit Card Program. Prepaid cards for gaming companies are among the top SCCB innovations in its portfolio. Debit cards for gamers are issued to help with payments and pay-outs for people who love gaming.

Exclusive Offers for Gaming Buffs. Whether its minion games, or DotA, gaming aficionados can now play their hearts out using our gaming cards. For gaming companies there is a customized credit card program.

What Do Our Gaming Cards Offer? Gaming cards provided by our company let people play their favourite games without the necessity to reveal their credit or debit card details. Due to a lot of fraud observed in various gaming platforms, we came up with flexible and easy-to-use payment options for gaming lovers such as co-branded prepaid cards.

Various Gaming Card Packages on the offer. A number of gaming co-branded prepaid cards are available to all and sundry. People can have a detailed look at the available offers and choose the one which satisfies their requirements.

Useful info on co-branded cards for gambling websites. Gaming cards are extremely easy to use. Sponsored by major networks like MasterCard or VISA, prepaid credit cards are easy to load and use online. Cardholders can withdraw the funds they win on gambling websites directly to their prepaid cards in a few clicks. If the online casino has SCCP co-branded credit card program integrated Co-branded credit card programs allow gaming website to ease and enhance the list of payment methods thus increasing the popularity of their online resource.

Hassle-free Loading and Reloading. Money can be deposited onto the card in an easy way. Every cardholder can access his card statement and history online through a secure portal. Prepaid cards for gamers do not generate interest and do not carry a line of credit thus eliminating the fraud issues connected with traditional credit cards.

Why Should One Choose SCCP Prepaid Cards for Gambling Websites? Co-branded prepaid cards are utilized for the purposes of usage on online casinos and gaming websites come with very favourable conditions. In addition to that, prepaid cards can be reloaded at any time through any local bank, Western Union, MoneyGram or another credit card. This eliminates the delays connected with the funding process in the middle of the game. Why SCCP co-branded prepaid cards are better comparing with competitors:

– Cards can easily be loaded with the specific amount of money games want to use – The cards and other financial services offered by our company take all measures possible for the security of payments – Our PCI complaint platforms ensure zero fraud during transactions – Online access to card details.

SCCB offers a number of credit card programs designed for gaming companies, alternative payment and other such card solutions.

Flexible and versatile payment options for gaming lovers are on the offer. Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid is a well-known name in the financial industry and caters to individuals, businesses, and government agencies with their co-branded prepaid cards.

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid multiple award-winning credit card program is chosen by top online gambling and betting websites. Prepaid credit cards are a good instrument for online gamers to withdraw cash. Gaming resources prefer co-branded prepaid cards issued by SCCP and powered by VISA and MasterCard to enhance their payment processing portfolio and increase their benefits over competitors.