Getting Specific Traffic from Social Bookmarking Sites

In the past few years the internet has changed quite a bit becoming more social. With these changes towards a more social atmosphere the internet is becoming more and more real. This new revolution lead to the advent of social bookmarking sites where people can easily bookmark their favorite sites, articles, videos, etc. If you’ve been into Internet marketing even for a while now, you should know how effective these social bookmarking sites are in generating traffic. If you are an internet marketer you can’t afford to ignore social book marking websites. In this article we will outline tips for driving more traffic to your websites through social bookmarking.

Attention Grabbing Headlines: Social bookmarking sites get a lot of bookmarks every day. When posting your bookmark, you need to remember to make the headlines stand out from the crowd so they will be noticed by your potential visitors. So make sure your headline is catchy when you submit a bookmark. Don’t let your bookmark go unnoticed by writing a boring title. Boring titles could equal unnoticed bookmarks. People on social bookmarking sites skim pages for interesting headlines. This is why it’s vital you really focus on your headline. The more interesting the headline, the more votes you will get and the more likely you will end up on the front page.

Write Meaningful Descriptions: While creating effective headlines is important, you need to support them with descriptions that are not only meaningful but are to the point. If your headline is well written it will get attention. However, to keep this attention, your description must also be well written. An intriguing headline and a well thought-out and concise description should be your goal. If you choose to hype up your description or headline do so in an honest way.

Creating a Buzz in The First Paragraph: No one wants to read boring copy. Your first paragraph needs to get the attention of whoever is reading it. Provide some value to the reader. Your hard work isn’t done here. Getting people to click over to your website is an accomplishment but it is just the beginning. Highly valuable, unique content is what readers are after. Now that you have targeted traffic on your website, it’s your job to keep them there by giving them some good bits of information in the first paragraph. Your site needs to live up to your visitors expectations. If your visitors like what they find on your site they will stay and read a page or two. If they don’t like what they see, they will promptly exit.

Generating traffic from social bookmarking sites is not a big deal; in fact many successful Internet marketers and webmasters have been leveraging these sites for a long time now. Focus on creating quality bookmarks. By offering users fresh, unique, tips, and resources, they will become hooked and want more. Unleash the true power of social bookmarking sites and you will get plenty of targeted traffic.

Do not forget there is a variety of approaches at your disposal with advertising, and you need to understand the finer points about this strategy.