Gothic Engagement Rings

I’m not really a Gothic engagement ring expert, but in the past, I hung out on the edge of the goth scene for a short time. I went through a few months in a haze of dark eye-liner, fishnet stockings, and listening to The Cure……but I digress.

Gothic engagement rings can range on the spectrum from classy to shocking. It’s how you want it…duh…it’s your engagement ring. You may choose a somewhat more traditional ring if you must hide your gothness during your daily 9 to 5 job. If your gothness involves every aspect of your daily routine, then go all out and buy whatever your dark heart wishes.

Google this site: “Dragonweave Jewelry” for a few ideas for gothic engagement rings: Some of the rings to look out for are:

– Life and Death Ringband: A polished pewter ring band with reversible writing. In one direction, the gothic lettering reads “life” but if you flip the same word reads “death”. An interesting reminder of the relationship among these two constrasting. How apt for the union of two lovers till death do them part.

-Ring of God and Nature: This gothic ring represents the triumphant harmony of Nature and The Creator. The bronze central band shows “Deus Et Natura No Faciunt Frusta”, which is Latin for “God and Nature do not work hand in hand in vain.” The pewter edge is inscribed with “Nature will always prevail.”

For something more pricey or classy, check out Fay Cullen antique engagement rings on the internet: These rings possess a bit of a goth feel to them but will hardly shockpeople. Just like people in the goth scene though, the rings are splendidly spectacular.

Is a gothic engagement ring not enough? You like the ceremony and reception to have the goth look?

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