Great Light For The Price – Ge Led Light Bulbs Review

The backyard lighting isn’t blinding, but enough to find the key in the doorway, although not well enough to read by as a comparison.

Love this stuff. I ought to have gotten it two decades ago when I purchased this condo. I returned this merchandise twice as each time I put in the batteries, the very first time, one became hot to touch so when using it, it had melted on one side. The product is an excellent value for the cost. Motion trips the light on, and it shuts off in thirty seconds. Meanwhile, I will look out for a much better one. Is effective for lighting up the entire side of the house where the trash cans are. I’m not sure what everybody else’ expectation is, but to mine it did not do the job. First two were from “As Seen On TV” section at Walgreens.

I mounted one outdoors above the doorways of our shed and one inside the shed at a peak of about 6 feet. These were purchased for outdoors, as the merchandise says you can use it.

Too early to know yet. The simplest way to mount this is by using a nail on the wall. It does just as its described.

Movement sensor is sensitive in our little foyer and picks up individuals walking around and with the door opening. Not really a fuddy-duddy illumination. An excellent upgrade on the cash and I will be buying one for my back door. The light will get heavy useage and after eight months the light continues to be bright and still have not needed to install new batterys. It has been up for a month approximately in most kinds of weather and works like no bodies business.

It puts out much more light than I figured it would. Personally, my BQ lighting will always be in the “on” place, therefore it is no problem for me. It is properly designed and well-crafted for the cost. The six led bulbs aren’t the brightest but more than serve the purpose.

I am puzzled how such a low-quality merchandise gets these positive reviews. My specifications for a motion activated light are they have to be cheap, LED, wireless, and photocell. What is the point of that?

Only our front and side doorways are wired for a porch light. Pity as I liked the design. SOLAR FLOODLIGHT. And now the search continues for an inexpensive item just like this, however with an automatic daylight off sensor! These lights worked so great I purchased more of them! solar patio light.