Hiring the best copywriting services for your website

There’s a growing need for people who are able to work from home utilizing a search engine to research various topics and write about them in plain, simple English that anyone can understand. The goal is quick, easy to read information blurbs that set you on a path towards a certain goal. And for those of you who are looking for something that has freedom and flexibility, writing for content mills or providing copywriting services for yourself might be just what you are looking for.

The Internet is a place of information, and as more and more countries around the world continue to join the digital age the need for content continues to rise. Some of it is high-end, gourmet content such as copywriting tailored for specialized writers with decades of experience in a given field, while a lot of it is information to fill websites created by everyday people without the specialized degrees or career paths. Websites about grooming dogs, the legacies of Robin Hood, descriptions of episodes of Fringe or on how to travel. Those websites are written by people like you, working for content mills to provide large scale clients with bulk work.

The thing to remember with copywriting is that it is exactly like every other trade or industry; when it is performed by a professional who has taken the time to build up skills relevant to that particular task, the end result is obviously something that is going to cost more money because it is gourmet or artisan. And while you can higher any generic freelance copyright for general work at around $20 an hour, if you want good quality you can expect to pay around $50 an hour for baseline quality and $80 or more for high quality copywriting.

Not all copywriting is created equal, and if you want the best results you need to be willing to work with qualified pros in the field. Staff copywriters are a common way for companies to operate, but freelancers with their own copywriting services or working for a company that has a team of copywriters on staff are also viable options. And just like skilled professionals in any other field, you can expect professional copywriting rates to range anywhere from $40 to $100 per hour.

When it comes to working a full time job most people are shuffled into the average bracket, which is around 36,000 per year if you live in the United States. If you break down 36k a year into an hour rate you come up with the national average for the past few years, which is around 18 dollars per hour. This is the average that most people make. But as a copywriter working for yourself offering copywriting services around the world, you can easily make upwards of 60k to 80k a year on the low end as long as you know how to to write good copy for your clients.

Hiring a good copywriter is the same as going to a professional doctor over a faith healer. If you want the best quality copywriting for your money, you work with a pro.