How I Appled For Pell Grant

It never really crossed my mind that I would apply for Pell grant.I did need the financial aid but I always had second thoughts about the grant.I was aware of the rigid screening and the tedious process for applying.But as college was closer I felt the need to actually drag my feet and try my luck.

I tried to look at the college grants being offered and the Pell grant had really good benefits.Pell grant is a scholarship offered for US citizens who cannot afford to send themselves to college.They grant an amount big enough to cover the university expenses.However, the application process is quite rigid so I did have second thoughts.

I had a friend who was also looking for grants and she encouraged me to push through.So I decided to apply for Pell grant.

I did my application online.I downloaded and filled out the FAFSA form.After giving all the required information I mailed the form to the FAFSA address.There’s one option where I can simply fill out and submit the form online but I was more comfortable mailing it.

The eligibility to apply for Pell grant was not much of a problem for me.We had a low family income and it would surely make me qualified for the grant.As both my parents are citizens of the US and I was born here as well, there was no fuzz about the citizenship requirement.

After sending out the form I simply waited for the SAR or the Student Aid Report as to whether or not I was actually qualified for the grant.After a while I did receive a note that I was eligible for the grant.I realized it was not that difficult to apply for Pell grant and it was worth the effort.I’m currently receiving the financial aid and soon enough I will be graduating with the help of the Pell grant.

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