How Landscape Design Can Transform Your Property

An oasis of green at your home provides the perfect place to escape to and recharge your batteries. No matter where you live, whether it’s a little cottage in Portland OR or a rambling mansion in Helotes TX, a garden will truly make your house a home. Even the ugliest, concrete-paved space can become a veritable Eden with the help of some creative landscape design and this will also do wonders for your property’s value.

Landscape architecture is actually a more descriptive name for the art of planning the open spaces around a building. This is because it involves more than gardening. It requires the planning of every little detail, from the fences to the flower beds. The designer needs to have not only knowledge of plants but also of structural engineering, conservation, surveying and architecture.

The designer often works in close collaboration with an architect to come up with ideas. In fact, many architects are not only famous for the buildings they designed but also for their role in creating beautiful parks and other open spaces. A prime example is the Park Guell in Barcelona, which was designed by Antoni Gaudi, who also designed the city’s famous Sagrada Familia. Both these designs by Gaudi are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

For something on a smaller scale, like your garden, you can keep things much simpler. If your budget doesn’t allow extensive renovations just yet, don’t despair. Start with the basics, such as a path or walkway and some beds of striking flowers. Be creative with the fencing and the gate and the battle is half won already.

Another easy way to turn a garden from something ordinary into something spectacular is with the help of a water feature. This can be in the form of a large item like a swimming pool or fish pond, or it can be a small fountain or bird bath. The sound of the gurgling water has an instant cooling and calming effect.

If your property only has a small piece of outside land, such as a little courtyard, don’t despair. There is plenty that you can do even with small spaces. For example, create racks on the walls where you can place potted plants and create a hanging garden or add shade by placing beams with creepers overhead.

The natural environment around your property will help you decide how best to create your garden. For example, maybe there are some large trees already and you can easily incorporate these. Even big rocks don’t necessarily have to be removed but can become a feature. Work with the natural topography and also think about the climate to ensure that your garden will be sustainable.

To begin planning the garden of your dreams, it’s a good idea to browse through landscaping magazines. They will give you ideas and even advice. A professional landscape designer will be well worth the expense too since he or she may come up with solutions you would never have thought of.

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