How To Choose The Right Contractor For Commercial Painting Toronto

A fresh coat of paint can entirely change how a building looks. For a commercial building, its appearance is of vast importance, since it can influence the decisions of potential clients. It is hence very important that you get everything right when adding a fresh coat of paint on your building. When searching for a suitable contractor specializing in commercial painting Toronto business owners should consider the following factors first.

Begin by first locating prospective painting companies. This task can be achieved in a number of ways, including asking for word of mouth referrals and searching in online databases. Ask other business owners and managers in your locality, especially those who have successfully painted their buildings, to recommend service providers they use. Let them give reasons why they think the company they are recommending will be suitable for your needs.

Among the first things you need to check if the company is licensed in your state. Licensing means that a company has fulfilled certain requirements to provide the services in question. A valid licensing certificate can also help you to know the reputation of a specific company and if there are any unresolved complaints by past clients.

Bonding and insurance covered services are of vast importance especially in a business environment. Bonding means that the company has secures additional funding to cover you should your property get damaged or a worker injured. Bonding gives you an instant access to funds without the need of waiting for an insurance settlement. Similarly, depending on the scope of your project, you should make sure you settle for a firm that has a suitable insurance policy cover.

Experience in the industry is one of the most important things you should check. Ask how long the company has been in the industry and how many similar projects it has handled successfully. An experienced commercial painting contractor understands the importance of the appearance of building, and will hence strive to ensure your project is done perfectly.

Many companies tend to use the services of subcontractors to handle the actual project. In some cases, these subcontractors may be inexperienced with your specific type of job. Even though the main contractor might be insured, you must also check if the subcontractor is also licensed, insured and bonded. Again when using subcontractors, make sure to get a lien release form signed by any and all subcontractors who will be handling the project. This is to avoid a case where subcontractors ask you for their pay when you have already paid the main contractor.

The cost of services vary from company to company. This means that you need to take time and evaluate quotes of at least three companies. When asking for quotes and estimates, ensure they are detailed, indicating all elements required for the project and the expected time of completion. Keep in mind that a serious contractor will consider inspecting the property status before issuing a detailed quote.

When selecting a painting contractor, make sure you make an informed choice. The type of service provider will determine the quality of work done and whether or not there will be need for a repeat job. Check factors such as cost of services, licensing, insurance and bonding, reputation in the industry and period of project completion.

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