How To Create Handmade Fishing Lures

There are various kinds of fishing lures. They depend on the type of fish, the type of water and the kind of rod that will be used. Handmade fishing lures can be challenging to make. However, if you have the skills and you love the work you can easily make money from this activity. You should purchase the right tools and materials before getting started. You need a paint brush, fishing hooks, paint that is not toxic, wood as well as screw eyes and a lathe.

The type of materials that are needed depend on the type of lure you want to make. A lure that is to be used in salty water is different than one that will be used in ice and fresh water. Cedar is widely used to make lures that will be used in fresh water. For salty water harder wood is recommended especially if you want to get the big fish. A lathe is used to shape the lure and the screw eyes come in handy when you are attaching the hooks.

The lathe is used to shape the plug of the lure. It is not necessary to make the shape very fancy. A bullet shape that is about 7 inches long and about an inch wide will do. The plug should be long enough to attach at least two hooks. Larger plugs should have about three hooks. When attaching the screw eyes to the plug they should be about one inch apart. One eye should be connected at the nose so that you can attach it to the rod. The other eyes should have hooks.

After you are done you need to paint the lure. You do not have to paint it to appear like small fish. Instead paint it how you want. You need to sell your lure to turn your skills into profit. Get in touch with bait stores to find out if they are open to local suppliers. Some stores allow lure makers to sell their products through them.

You can negotiate to sell your products at a price that is reasonable. It is also advisable to start your own business to sell your products. Create your website to advertise the lures on the internet. The web will open up your business to many customers. Find a professional to design the site for you. You can also do the job yourself. All you need is to find templates and themes online. Find a reliable host to keep your website online.

You need to find a good host for your site. Compare different packages from different hosting firms. You should choose the most reasonable offer. If you market your product effectively you should have many customers on your site. Create business cards after you are done setting up the site.

Print business cards and distribute them to relatives, friends and professionals that you come across. Clients are attracted to products that they can match with a name. You can either concentrate on making one type of lure or several types to get many customers.

You can get more customers by making several kinds of handmade fishing lures. Remember that a lure made for salt water needs to be tougher because of the large fish and harsh water conditions. If you make this your hobby you can make a lot of money.

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