How to Creatively Use Old Pillar Candles

A lot of us keep candles on hand for emergencies like when there’s a power outage. But it seems that the power doesn’t go out very often. So those candles pile up in the closet collecting dust and debris. Or, we enjoy lighting candles and do it often but we end up with a collection of leftover used candles. However, we don’t want to throw them out because that seems like a waste of money.

Don’t worry! There are other users for candles than just for light. For example, if you have kids you can use some old pillar candles and add glitter, fabric, sequins, glue, ribbon and any other craft supplies you can find and let the kids have some fun decorating the candles. They can use glue to decorate the candles with fabric, glitter or ribbon, or use some pins or thumbtacks which they can push into the wax. When they’re done they’ll have created their own masterpiece. (Just be sure not to light any candle that is decorated with flammable material.)

A really good use for old candles is as fillers for cracks around walls or windows. Take a candle that’s similar in color to that of the wall or window and run it back and forth along the crack and around the windowsills. This lets the wax fill in the gaps in the walls and windows. It can be just as effective as caulk and it’s easier to work with.

Wax makes a great lubricant. Do you find drawers that sometimes stick? Use an old candle and rub it on the runners and see how much easier it slides. This works really well on windows and other similar surfaces. I’ve even used old candles by rubbing them on the runners of my children’s sleds to make them really slice through the snow.

If you have purchased and want to use some newer candles, melt down a little bit of the old candle’s wax into the bottom of a votive cup or cut off soda or milk bottle. Then press the newer candle into it. Instant candle holder! Not only that, but you will be able to burn these new candles all the way down since they are sitting in wax!

If your wood furniture has some dents, you can use a candle and rub it across the dent to fill it in. It will have a shine just as if you had polished the furniture with a wax. If you need to, you can use a marker to blend the wax part in with the rest of the wood. When you’re done you won’t even be able to tell where the original dent was compared to the rest of the wood.

I’ve seen those that will burn a pillar candle down and then smooth that wax on the inside while it is warm. Once it gets hard they use it to hold loose change or writing utensils, etc… Or, they will sink some holes into the side and use it to hold pens and pencils, or flowers or even lollipops! You can heat an ice pick and stab it into the wax to create the holes.

Pillar candles of the same heights can be used to hold up small shelves, and they add color, too. If you have two of the same color, that will work. If you have more colors you can mix and match to liven up the room. Sand them down until they are even and then lay a board across the top. This will make a great shelf for small items.

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