How To Effectively Tutor WordPress To Amateurs

Using the Internet is definitely one of the ways you can be considered as a kid of the Internet age. To those who are not yet in with the trend, they find people who are Internet savvy to be cool. This is especially true with those people who can make websites, regardless if they have formal training or not. To these amateurs, they will want these people to tutor WordPress.

This is definitely an effective way to start up one’s journey to becoming Internet savvy. They should get themselves familiar with the most popular and basic platforms in the Internet, after all. In order for them to be called a child of digital age, they should start out with this and then branch out to other platforms available.

To those who are already knowledgeable in this field, then you should consider helping out these amateurs. Of course, it is easier for you to teach them if they already have basic knowledge of the use of the computer. Otherwise, you might need to start teaching them elementary knowledge.

Assuming that amateurs know how to use the computer, you can go ahead and tell them how they can use this platform. When it comes to teaching the said amateurs, there should be a few things you can do for it. To teach them, here are some effective means that you can use these days.

First of all, you have to ask them directly what they want to do. If they want to make a blog or a website on their own determines what you will be teaching them. If they say blog, then this is the platform suitable for them as a beginner. If it is a website, then you might want to look for another easy-to-use websites.

If you have already decided on what platform you will introduce to them, you should not hesitate to tour them around the site. You better let them see how the landing page actually looks like. Tell them where those important buttons are and the functions they are meant for. Be patient when teaching them.

While you are giving them a tour, it will be helpful for the both of you if you demonstrate to them those basic functions of this site. Allow them to know what features they can use and teach it to them. If there are functions they will be using frequently, then you got to let them try it for themselves.

In this case, posting content is definitely the main function that a person will want to do on the website. Then, you just have to make sure that they understand how to do it. After that, you can teach them bit by bit on how they can make changes on the appearance of the post. You can teach them how to change the layout, font style, font, and font size.

There might be times when the amateur will want to change the appearance or layout of the blog. Some wants to change the theme. You have to tell them about this. Let them know that there are various themes both for free and for sale online. Let them choose what they want.

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