How To Find High Quality Crape Myrtles For Sale

When choosing landscaping plants, the crape myrtle is a popular choice due to the beautiful flowers it sports during the spring and summer months. Finding the right specimen is not difficult if you know where to look. There are a few steps that need to be taken in order to find high quality crape myrtles for sale.

This plant has over fifty different species to select from. Due to the large amount of choices, the first thing a home owner should do is view the landscape with a critical eye. Take note of any color schemes, the various shapes of existing plants, and the general layout and shape of the yard. This will give one a starting point from which to begin.

Small and compact locations can be perked up with the festive reds, purples, and pinks of dwarf varieties. They possess the same quality flowers as semi-dwarf and standard trees with a compact size of no more than five feet. Centennial, Razzle Dazzle, Victor, and Pocomoke are just a few samples of the specimens available.

Semi-dwarf varieties grow no larger than twelve feet and are a good alternative for homes with more yard space. Examples include Delta Jazz, Zuni, Hopi, and Acoma. The trunks take on sculptural shapes which enhance any garden space.

A crucial element that should not be overlooked is climate zoning. In order to benefit from a healthy tree, it is vital to select a plant that can withstand the weather changes in the region.

The myrtle needs a large amount of sun exposure. This plant requires at least eight hours daily and tends to struggle if placed in the shade of a large tree. When selecting a space it is important choose a space that is open and free of shadows.

When selecting the plant type, height, and color do not overlook the internet. It contains a plethora of information that will help make the decision making process easier. The search engine can be used to view various types of species.

Once the selection process has been streamlined it is time to actually purchase the tree or shrub. This can be done through a local nursery or via the internet. Should the purchase be done via the web, make sure to spend some time viewing customer reviews. This will help weed out shady organizations that may sell second rate plants. Select a company that prides itself on high quality shipping, solid packaging practices, and a health root system upon arrival.

When reading client reviews pay attention to comments on plant quality upon arrival. Check what others say about survival rates, and grow habits six months to a year after ordering. Steer clear of companies with a reputation for poor tree quality.

The local nursery is a good option for individuals who wish to have a more hands on approach to plant selection. Feel free to ask the employees what plants would do best in the yard. They can be an amazing fountain of information. By utilizing the above suggestions, homeowners will find it easy to discover high quality crape myrtles for sale.

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