How to make your painted woodwork shiny

If you have painted woodwork in your house you know how hard it is to clean it. On the other side it gives very stylish look. Now chech some tips for more effective cleaning.

First of all you have to choose a strategy. You may pick to use chemical products or to use natural ways.

If decide to use a chemical product don`t forget it shouldn’t be abrasive. When you choose a product select this one which is suitable for the type of wood you will work on.

Then, mix it with water. Apply the solution and clean the whole area. Follow the instructions on the label.

If the woodwork is so dirty that it wasn`t cleaned out by the above step, try to put some ammonia. Wipe the area and scrub a little bit tougher. Make sure that you pay very special attention to the sections what are very dirty. And don`t forget to keep the children away if you work with chemical substances.

If you choose the natural way to clean the woodwork you can try lemon oil polish as well as a mixture of white vinegar and water for stained woodwork treated with a wax. But don’t forget to reapply the wax layer to save the wood for long time.

Don`t forget to clean the baseboards, door frames and crown with a step ladder. For high ceilings you can use special wipes. You might be surprised of how dirty are your woodworks. You will see how dirty will become the wipes. But if you wash them monthly you could keep your woodwork clean and shiny too. Wipes easily clear away surface dirt and don`t damage the paint.

It might take a little bit time but the result will be great. You will find how clean and shiny your painted woodwork can be. And if you follow my advices it will be very easy.

There is one more way to clean you painted woodwork. You have to prepare more money but if you coudn`t clean it very well you can rely on them. If you want to clean your house they will help you also if you have some exterior painted woodwork in your backyard. They could offer you a lot of housekeeping services. They will take care of every area in your home. Remember it is a good idea to take advantage of eco-friendly cleaning. And if you want to save the Planet you don`t have to use chemical products to clean your home. There are so many natural products that can pay off better result. We don`t forget to think about the future of our kids and to learn them how to be eco friendly and find more new ways to save the Planet.

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