Ideas For Footprint Tattoo

Footprint tattoo ideas can fit into two categories. They can be categorized as personal, speaking of attributes a person possesses or hope to possess. They can also be categorized as memorial, honouring loved ones or family members. Two aspects of tattoos for consideration in footprint tattoos are size and color scheme.

Pet footprints as footprint tattoo ideas are also known as paw prints. Tattooing the footprint of any household pet can make for a special and meaningful design. The most common prints used for these type of footprint tattoos are those of a cat or dog. Still, hamster, bird, ferret or any other small animal print for that matter is possible and can be as significant.

The incorporation of names as footprint tattoo ideas to correspond to the prints, can be done using foots that look like writings on concrete with a stick, in the case of concrete prints.

Footprint tattoo ideas can also symbolize the right path to life that ancestors and a great number of men have taken before in the annals of historical events. The first step to having a footprint tattoo inscribed on the skin as an expression of love for someone special or as a declaration of spiritual inspiration is the definition of the style statement of the would-be wearer.

Footprint tattoo ideas are touching symbols, regardless of the reason behind getting the footprint tattoo is. They are constant reminders of having created a biological replica of oneself growing each and every day, in the case of baby footprint tattoos.

Single paw prints as footprint tattoo ideas portray an affinity for animals. Although traditional animal paw tattoos dictate that they be done in black and gray, there is no reason not to use other colors if wished. As in any other kind of tattoo, other than the appropriate position on the body, time must be taken in the consideration of every bit of detail of the image.

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