Illinois Arrest Records

One of the documents that have been opened for public access in Illinois is arrest records. The arrest records Illinois generates can be requested anytime that it is needed by the residents. However, the document is only made public once the case is closed.

A lot of information can be obtained from an arrest record that is issued in Illinois. One would find the real name of the individual which has been arrested along with his/her date and place of birth. The document would also indicate if there are markings that can be found on the body of the person such as birth marks, scars or tattoo. The crimes that the person has committed are also indicated on the file along with the charges and sentence if the person was convicted of his crimes.

Owners of companies regularly conduct a background check on their people to make sure that the one’s they have are qualified and has no criminal history. Employers would want to avoid these people who have a criminal history since most of the crimes that are happening are said to have been committed by people with criminal records. The local residents of Illinois are also careful about their safety and security thus they also check on the criminal records of the people living in their neighborhood. Local authorities are also using this type of document in their investigations.

Although, access to the arrest records may be beneficial to employers, it can cause problems to the involved individual. Discrimination is the biggest problem that these people face. Many have experienced difficulties in finding a good job since employers prefer those with clean records. Some would feel the unjust treatment among employees and workers. This can be avoided by expunging the records.

In Illinois, the arrest records are only released if the one who requested the document is the person himself. The documents are made open only for employment and investigation reasons, other than that would require an authorization coming from the person on the file. A fingerprint search can be done in order to get a copy of an arrest record in Illinois, but if this is not possible, one can request for a name based search. It is important that all the basic information needed be provided in order to avoid delay in the search process. The Department of Justice is where the arrest records are being managed and archived. Fees can range from $16 to $30. The office also accepts mail orders that have complete requirements in it, otherwise it may be denied.

The Internet has changed the way information is being shared and delivered. This is most evident with the criminal records that are now available for request online. With this, one can greatly save time and energy since the search is opened for 24/7 and it can be done even at the comforts of your own home.

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