Improving Self Confidence: Why Become an Entrepreneur?

That is our ultimate dream, to become our own boss and manage our own time. Look around you, there are a lot of striving to create a name in the market. We are all attempting to find a niche in a swarm of small businesses and only few gets ahead of the game. Too many people are trying to live life on their own terms. Why are they doing this? Do they know the implications of becoming the business owner?

Many people who are out there trying to carve a space for themselves in the marketplace should just quit right now and go back to corporate. It’s the safer more practical thing to do. I know that you can’t guarantee you always have a job in corporate, but you can guarantee that you will have a check for as long as you have your job. A check is one of those highly sought after items if you are an entrepreneur. There are way too many entrepreneurs out there that are striving for that glorious check. Too many of them are getting loans to build their businesses. Don’t they know that loans are going to put them in debt, and that getting a check at a real job doesn’t require you to pay back anything?

Not only do entrepreneurs have to work to get a check, but many of them are fooled by the dream of an entrepreneurial life. They actually believe the lie Ithat they get to create their own time schedule. It is kind of true-they are their own bosses-but the problem is, if they want to have any success in their business, it is going to require them to put a lot of hours in. I don’t mean just a lot, but A LOT. These “longer hours” are often, especially at the beginning, unpaid and are put in with the hopes that someday all that work will payoff. I am telling you that if you just go get a real job, you will get paid for all the hours you put in.. Of course you will not be able to entertain the idea that someday all this work will pay off in bigger ways than just a check at the job. Newsflash! Rarely does this actually work. Majority of small businesses go out of business in the first five years.

Are you aware of the implications? That means that not only do you not really get paid for all the work that you put in, but you actually lose money and your time, and your efforts; and your dream will have to stop. Your dreams stop because you failed, and now you know that your dream won’t work. Then you will be left with two choices: come up with a new dream and a new scheme to get money to pursue that new dream, or go get a job. Might as well save yourself all the time and effort and go get the job in the first place. This will save most people money, time, and energy.

That brings up another point if you are an entrepreneur and you have any chance of making it: not only do you not make a lot money at first, but it will also require a lot of your time. So if you started your own business so that you will have more time to play or go on vacation or be with your family, then you might want to think again. Building a business at the beginning, and I don’t care what kind of business, will take work and lots of it if the business is a legal one. That work means time away from playing, family, and anything else that you can think of that you would rather be doing.

Another thing is, if you think you still want to be an entrepreneur because you like the service that you will give, don’t fool yourself. If you think that having your business means that all you have to do is create a website and customers will come, and that you will spend all day doing the work that you love, think again. Most find when running their business they spend most of their time doing everything except what they want to do.

If being an entrepreneur translates struggle, risk and difficulty, why venture? Think about the return of investments and consider the consequences. If you think there is nothing to loose and you have faith in yourself, then go right ahead! Step it up and live the life you want to.

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