In Considering Conservative Candidates Illinois 2014 Citizens Scrutinize Characteristics

It can be difficult to know whom to vote for in the next election. All of the political advertisements can be confusing, leaving you uncertain about which candidate actually would be the best one for office. Rather than get caught up in the confusion or forgo voting altogether, you can decide on which side of the political debate you belong when you know the belief systems of party politicians. When you scrutinize the qualities of conservative candidates Illinois 2014 elections may be less confusing and overwhelming.

One of the biggest arguments you will hear from conservatives is the need for smaller government. They believe that you should have the right to make your own decisions and that the government has no right to impose its will on you or your family. However, while you have the right to live your life and take care of your family as you see fit, you also have few rights to ask the government for help. Conservatives believe in a reduction in welfare benefits like food stamps and that these benefits should only go to the neediest in society.

Along with reducing the accessibility to welfare, conservatives also advocate for reducing taxes. With fewer people theoretically needing welfare, no need exists to raise or impose taxes. Even taxes on things like clothing and food could be eliminated if these politicians are voted into office and have their agendas voted on successfully.

Along with reducing government’s size and influence and advocating for self reliance, conservatives also advocate for strong families. They believe that the family unit is vital to the structure and well being of the country. Politicians from this party will typically argue that children need a two parent household and that at least one parent should hold a full-time job to take care of the family.

The sanctity of life proves to be another major topic that these politicians favor. Few of them actually are in favor of abortion or the death penalty. Because so many of these individuals go to church and read the Bible, they say that only God has the power to begin and end human life validly. They argue that fellow citizens have no right to impose premature death on anyone.

The laws of the country and the safety of the citizens everywhere also should be protected and preserved by a durable and versatile military. Many politicians from this party say that the military should have solid funding and that overseas bases should have sufficient staffing to protect the country’s interests at all time. Rarely will members of this party vote for military closings or de-funding.

When it comes to education, the states have the right to overrule the federal government and raise the funds needed to pay for their own public school systems. These politicians suggest that each state has the duty to fund its own schools rather than looking to the federal government for help. States also have the right to raise taxes to do so if needed.

Once you know the party politics of conservative politicians, the election of 2014 may seem easier to participate in and tolerate. The advertisements may seem clearer, and you may have a better idea of how to make your input count. This information lets you know if you want to cast your support for this platform.

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