Increase Your Popular App Review Websites Potential By Operating It The Right Way

Do you want a profitable app review website? Using SEO and marketing is a way to get a profitable app review website. To get other great ways to make your app review website profitable try these simple guidelines.

Full page ads – or ‘splash’ pages – are out of style and annoying to visitors. Anything you would have put on a splash page can be put on your home page instead. This way, the user gets to choose whether or not to view the material as opposed to being hit over the head with it.

Add a StumbleUpon link to your site. Encourage your users to use it. Each time they stumble your posts means more referrals and publicity for you. StumbleUpon encourages long-term traffic so it pays off to invest in it.

Use email marketing, but in a thoughtful way. People are already inundated with spam on a daily basis. Build email marketing around campaigns such as upcoming sales or events relevant to your clients / viewers. Use sites such as AWeber, Constant Contact or Infusionsoft for automatic responses and tracking.

Before you upload any images to your site, optimize them so they are as ‘lightweight’ as possible. The larger an image file is, the longer it will take to load up on your visitors screen. If you have a lot of images, the cumulative effect can be damaging to the user experience.

When thinking about things like navigation bars, it is important that all the right info is on them. If there is too much, or too little, it can have a detrimental effect on the functionality of your site and customers are very unlikely not to return to the site and a lot of business could be lost over something so simple.

Each page of your site should have at least one visual component. It can be a picture, drawing, or even a chart or graph. Whatever the image is, it should serve to further the content and engage the attention of the reader.

In the early stages of your app review website build, consider working with a design company to help formulate your ideas. Even if you don’t contract with them to build the whole site, their input will be valuable to guide you in the process.

Delegate when it becomes necessary. If you must be successful with your app review website, when the business starts growing, it becomes necessary that you delegate certain duties to people who can handle them and at the same time, monitor the progress they make.

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