Is Magnetic Sponsoring for You?

The old network promoting sales routines of cold calling on the telephone, getting folks into hotel conferences and the friends and family plan went the way of the dinosaur once the internet came into play.

Magnetic Sponsoring is one of the newest and quickest growing systems of getting leads it’s actually part of the entire attraction promoting theory and both methods work particularly well.

The amazing thing about both techniques from a mlm marketer’s viewpoint is that you become the hunted not the hunter, even more so with Magnetic Sponsoring. You learn how to be in a position where folk come to you and not just any people, these are hot and qualified prospects.

Many people claim to have gone from broke to a six-figure revenue in no more than a year with Magnetic Sponsoring and you can learn the way to do the same with Magnetic Sponsoring, whether you are brand spanking new to network selling or MLM, or you are a seasoned professional.

You must already have done a number of things yourself before taking a look at Magnetic Sponsoring, and these few pointers will set you on the right track if you are only in the analysis stage of getting into network or MLM selling.

1. Choose the right MLM company if you want to focus on Magnetic Sponsoring. Your company must support cutting edge ideas like Magnetic Sponsoring online, because if it doesn’t, you’ll have a tricky time inducting a downline.

2. The product is as critical as the company. Will people still desire it in five years time? Is it a great product? Is it able to be purchased in a store anywhere? No one is intending to get a product that isn’t high quality or amazing value for money. Ever-green products are often the best to go for. Things that folk will always use,eg cookery-ware, baby-related stuff, cosmetics etc . No-one will ever stop buying them, not like electronics which get outmoded in three months these days. You have to offer good worth and a high quality product if you are going to promote it online .

3. Low buy-in costs are vital in the present day’s economy, where people are looking to make some money on the side with little investment, though there should be some investment as a motivation, otherwise downlines have a tendency to drift away too quickly. $200 looks to be the average nowadays.

4. You want a site devoted to the product and to recruiting. Easier said than done. Beginning a site involves many strategies such as SEO and ideal use of keywords. Websites have to turn up high in the Google lists when someone puts in a search. You’ll need a system to create backlinks too. It needs time and a lot of effort to create a heavy traffic website. Stay focused and don’t give up when you don’t see overnight success.

5. You must also have a system, and in this example that means a software program that “runs” your business In MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING you’ll need a combined program, that includes auto-responders, lead capture or squeeze pages and also contact management to name a few.

Internet marketing is a business and it takes work, but with the right system and masses of difficult work, you can succeed! So once you have joined the right company with goods and services you are feeling cosy endorsing, make it a point to pick up a copy of Mike Dillards classic Magnetic Sponsoring and discover just how straightforward it really can be to take your new network selling business to a hightened level.

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