Is There More To Empower Network Or Not?

If you have been looking for a way to make money online in the last year or so then you have probably encountered Empower Network in your journey at one stage or another. We received so many questions asking us about the legitimacy and hype behind this particular site that we created this report as a result.

Today we look at the facts. Is this just another ‘next big thing’ home business or does it have the ability to be a genuine contender for a strong second income?

We start with the products and services. That’s right, the part which most affiliates completely overlook in their fixation with making money from home…

* This particular business costs $25 per month to use.

* The main product members receive is a pre-built blog. Not just any blog, but an authority blog no less. What does that mean? Basically your posts are picked up and featured by the search engines very quickly, making it easier to get ‘recognized’ in your particular niche should you choose to do so. And it works, we tested it.

* Second on the list of services offered is affiliate marketing training resources.

* And finally the affiliate plan, a huge point of interest for anyone looking at this and no doubt that’s why you initially had interest yourself.

So now for the big question….

Is it actually WORTH the membership cost each month? $25 is not a lot, but most home businesses over charge members to pay for their affiliate plan, so upon first look this company looks to have gone down the same route. That’s because the main blogging product can be created by anybody if they take the time to learn what they are doing.

The training and resources was where this came into it’s own for us. It’s nice to see a home based business put so much time and attention into sharing useful tips and techniques with it’s members. Apply what’s available here and any blog or website will soar, proven in the fact that the company website itself consistently ranks within the top 500 sites in the USA online.

There is no doubt about it, learning how to get the ball rolling is a tough cookie. The fact that they provide so much from the get-go really helps those who are prepared to help themselves.

Everybody cannot be helped, of course. There are many folks out there who have the false idea that just because a program is on the internet it means they should be able to make money without any effort. Maybe that’s you right now? If it is you need to change that mentality before proceeding with any major decisions. There is no point in having such powerful training material if you don’t even look at if, after all. []

The affiliate plan has more in common with a direct selling company than standard home businesses, which often opt for a matrix or low commission residual income instead. Here the focus is on getting members earning enough to cover their membership cost as soon as possible, hence the high $25 per referral payout.

The downside? This depends upon your personal view. We enjoy programs which also give you the ability to earn each time your downline build their business, which isn’t directly possible here apart from it’s simple two up system. However if you are looking for a way to earn large commissions then yes, you have found what you were looking for and probably more to boot.

On the whole, you are able to do quite a lot with this is you have the desire to push yourself. As a home business Empower Network stands nicely alongside it’s established counterparts Global Domains International and Avon.

Author: Russ Howe is now a world leading Empower Network sponsor. You can watch his thorough and direct empower network review in today’s interview, which covers the aspects of the home based business industry which cause most affiliates to fail.