Is Using A Disk Template The Right Choice For Your Direct Mailings?

Deciding whether or not to use a disk template to design your direct mailings could be a tricky decision. You want to choose the most effective design and medium possible to stand out from all the other “snail mail junk” that consumers receive each and every day. Do you want to use a direct mail CD or DVD as part of your mailing? There are a few things to consider when deciding what move is most effective for your direct mailing campaign.

Among those considerations should be three things. First, how will you get your materials in front of the consumers to see your product or services? It’s important to know what will move them to action, solicit a response. Second, will the strategy you plan to use make your products or services look appealing or simply increase the “junk mail” label? (Consider here if using a disk template offsets that effect or makes it worse.) And third, identify your target audience for the campaign. Is what you are trying to market something they will see as necessary and does the format you present it in match their technology skill level?

Determining which direct media campaign approach will most effectively get consumers to buy into your products or services in the first step. St. Jude’s Hospital, for example, has reportedly found that traditional mailings with “freebies” is enough to entice individuals to not only consider their cause, but also to act. In contrast, an organization selling pizza coupons to benefit the local baseball team and make going to the championship game possible, would gain little from sending out address labels. Carefully considering your approach and what will best achieve your desired results is crucial. Let’s go back to the baseball team example. Maybe highlighting the individual players’ achievements, how far they have come together as a team, and why contributions are needed on a direct mail CD or DVD, which can easily be designed with a disk template, would get them enough attention, and donations, to reach their goal.

Most “snail mail” media campaigns, and their corresponding brightly colored envelopes, fail to even get the consumer to lift the flap before discarding. It just goes to prove that there is a very fine line between getting considered and getting rejected. Because of human nature itself, there are many types of people that will receive your media campaign. Consider that there is a percentage of the population that will always throw away unsolicited mail, another part that will open anything addressed to them, and the portion in the middle that needs persuasion to consider more closely looking at your offerings. This is where a disk template could make all the difference. If you get the design right, you might connect with those consumers that might otherwise totally disregard you.

And finally, consider your target population. Marketing hemorrhoid cream to young adults will probably not be effective, no matter what marketing strategy you use. Likewise, if you are sending a CD or DVD that is difficult to navigate to an elderly person who can no longer figure out how to even dial their cell phone, you are not going to get results. Managing a campaign that targets the proper age group and skill level for the consumers that you are trying to reach is paramount. You have to understand who you want to use your products or services and what will most effectively stir them to act in some way.

Standing out from the crowd using a direct mail CD or DVD, designed from a disk template, may very well optimize your direct mailing results.

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